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Apr 2, 11 9:59pm

Well, I have been grounded for about three weeks now. That means no Neo, no tech, no gaming, nothing. :( Here's the things I've missed:

5. Playing my whole DS library through again. I was halfway through replaying Sonic Rush Adventure when I got grounded. Sad, sad days.

4. Being able to keep up with my YouTube subscriptions. I missed so many episodes of the Yogscast that I cried. );

3. I miss just generally being able to mess with my computer. Experimenting with html, file extensions etc. Oh and breaking my registry is all in a days work too ;) I totally bleeped up javaw.exe, MOM.exe and rundll32.exe the other day.


1. NEO! I missed the RSC, Josh, and all the other good stuff on Neoseeker. It's good to be back.

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Mar 4, 11 4:26pm

Well, seeing as I'm feeling really quite unimaginative today, and can't think of a better thing to post in my blog I'm going to bring up that I have finally reached 1500 posts. This was one of my goalls to reach for February. While I've finished it a tad late, I'm still glad I got it.

1500th Post

Direct quote from source:

quote Laika
quote Albatross
Some girl in my class calls me a racist, perverted, crayon eating nerd who tries to force people to moke and watches Dora the explorer just to see Dora lift up her shirt.
You know that's quite believable. Nah just kidding. But hey, who doesn't like the taste of a freshly-bought crayon?
I know it's a slightly odd post, but it's still important.

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Mar 4, 11 12:13am

Well, unfortunately my first post in my "new and improved" blog is gonna be a sad one. Unfortunately you see, my best NeoFriend, Cyndaquil Lover (or Josh to put his real name) has left Neoseeker once and for all. :( It's very sad for me, because, as I previously stated he has been my best NeoFriend up 'til now. I've known him nearly since I joined Neo, and he's a great person to talk to, wether it be on the forums, MSN or by PM.

Direct quote as source:

quote Cyndaquil Lover

Awh, thank you all for the good times... I really hate leaving but, I just can't really have time for Neoseeker anylonger... It's cutting into a lot of life for me... I always feel like I am required to do something for this place when, in reality I can not. As soon as school's out I will most likely make a return with a new username and such as I know I will forget this one :P

Consider this as Cyndaquil Lover's last log in and post...

Goodbye, Albatross, EmberGaurd, Chaos Team, and especially, you, Laika, you were my first real friend on here :)

Josh, signing out...
Notice how he said that he may join again once school's out, so there's a glimmer of hope that he will rejoin next term. Here's hoping that he remember's me and the other guys at the Rising Stars Clan.

We'll miss you Josh!

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Laika blogged
Mar 3, 11 6:33am

I thought, seeing as I'm now Laika, and I haven't updated my blog for ages, that I would start again fresh. I've deleted all my posts and this is gonna be an entirely new blog. I'll make a new post every day, and don't forget to comment and subscribe!

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