This is a great game. Would really like to get into it again some time. DragonQuest9SentinelsOfTheStarrySkies DS
Gonna try and update my biography...
this is a bug test
this is a bug test
Why hello there...
(insert name here) is going to see (insert some famous person here)! (insert pleasant emoticon here)

Okay, so let me get this straight here: these are things that I found very sad. So for all you...

Лайка Босс

Something interesting is brewing at Mojang, as the Minecraft creator goes to work on their next...

Time for a new avatar/signature change methinks...
*Insert Sarcastic Comment Here*
I don't wanna hear it.
I'm basically done with the game. DQVC getting boring, and there really isn't much more to do now. DragonQuest9SentinelsOfTheStarrySkies DS
just got an iPod Touch!

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