Feb 17, 11 2:34pm
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Lacky blogged
Feb 15, 11 2:15am

Twitter? the Internets 'best micro-blogging' site since ... Ever? are you a member? What is twitter really? Is it a place for someone to blab on about their life?
What do you think Twitter is?, What do you use it for?. Me I use it to Stalk Celebritys. (Joke!!) Lmao, I'm a keen WWE Fan, so Majority of the people I'm following are in the Wrestling Industry. I do sometimes post about stuff i see on the television or Current Affiars, so on- so forth. But I hate how people use twitter, to moan about people. And Gossip.. (Ooh I'm on Team Katie Price)... (Oh I'm team Andre)... Me? I'm team Shut the *Bleep* Up.

Twitter.. The Sh*tist thing since Liverpool FC

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Lacky blogged
Feb 15, 11 1:37am

This might be the furthest place away from any Antique dealers. But This is my first blog-post. So might aswell go-on about something i've seen recently, and isn't that bad to be honest. The Antiques Roadtrip was a show that was broadcasted on BBC2. The show which includes 10 Antique Dealers, whom are given £200 and have 1 week to turn it into as much profit as possible, as they scour across Scotland, Wales, and England even maybe Ireland. (I can't remember) the Winner.. James Lewis turned his £200 into approx.. £1100 which is fantastic.

What I'm trying to say is, Has anyone bought anything at a car Boot or Auction, and made a profit on it?

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Jan 3, 11 12:15am
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Dec 28, 10 10:28pm
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