xMoonLightx LT23
Oct 31, 11 4:06pm

Louise! xD.
You probably know I haven't been very active in awhile so I thought I'd sign your guestbook again.
Just to say hello and thanks for being a good friend.
And yeah we were pretty good friends in The Sims 2 forum.
I hope we stay friends for longer too :').

Animal Crossing Mad LT23
Mar 12, 11 3:07pm
Long time no see.
Or talk.
So hi.
To be honest, I could have just said this in a PM, couldn't I?
Maybe I should make a stamp whilst I'm here.
But I have no idea what to put on it.
Okay, it appears that you like Taylor Swift.
How about a Taylor Swift stamp?
This will be really bad, since I'm making it in about five minutes...

animalmoonART LT23
Feb 22, 11 8:38am
I get it D: You just delete my guestbook entries cuz you HATE ME HUH?! IS THAT IT?! D:!! ROFL Joking! Lol it's ok! No biggie! I'll just sign again!

So HAR I AM! Um... uhhhh...Why isthere 2 squirrels as an ad at the top of this--- OMG WAIT! WANNA HEAR SOME AWESOME FACTS?! OK HAR GOES!

Polar bears are left-handed.
Most animals (including house pets) can sense bad weather.
You need to run across a football field to burn off that fat from 1 (or is it one back) of M&M's.
Blue M&M's are proven to improve spinal strength.
Dolphins sleep with one eye open.
Dogs and cats can be right or left-handed, just like humans.

I know alot more but my fingers hurt. KTHXBAI.

Alexansar LT23
Feb 18, 11 3:59am
Thanks for being a great friend ever since the start. I appreciate it a lot and you deserve this.

Jesivis LT23
Dec 21, 10 8:14am
To a new friend! - LT23 : D

We met sometime in November I remember. This was around the time I was coming back to NeoSeeker, just because I had missed it so much. LT23, you came to me wanting to help out with The Sims NeoWiki and your what basically pushed me in the direction of shaping that NeoWiki up. I'm so glad you did! We have only known each other for a short time. I hope we can continue the friendship that we have and I just want to let you know that I want you to have a very special holiday and a great new year!

Be Safe,
animalmoonART LT23
Dec 18, 10 11:35am
Hey you...YEAH YOU THE LT23 READING THIS! I've missed you like a um... um... OOO PENCIL MISSES ITS SKETCHBOOK! Yesh that's what we are a pencil and sketchbook... Um which one do you call? XD Um so Im here and i misses you and I like anime...and manga...and Japan...AND FRIED CHICKEN!!


P.S.- Merry Christamas Lewwy-chan!
Luz, Alex
Cassandra LT23
Nov 06, 10 8:45pm
NEW STAMP. WOOO. Here you are:





tyranitar999 LT23
Sep 26, 10 1:06am
ok, so i will pass the story over to another sim after the next ten posts.
then i will do a farewell post from evangilene and star.
but you know that other sim?
im gonna name it after you but what do you want the sim to look like?
tyranitar999 LT23
Sep 12, 10 11:20pm
so you like animal crossing hey?
so do i!
i got the biggest house you can get, now working on perfect town and my garden!
do you have the wii version?
i do!
wow, im going a bit mad arnt i?
blackbeautyfan9819 LT23
Sep 02, 10 7:20am
I want to make it official. So, I made a stamp. You are the FIRST person to see it! Yay!

xMoonLightx LT23
Aug 19, 10 5:59pm
Hi Louise , Best Neofriends For Life xD.

Thanks for joining The Sims 2 Big Brother with you are a true friend Hehe. ~ Kalia
blackbeautyfan9819 LT23
Aug 14, 10 4:45am
Hey, Louise. I finally got around to signing your guestbook! I don't have a stamp yet, but I plan to make one in the future. Anyways, I just wanted to say that I'm so happy to be one of your neo-friends, because you rock! Keep rockin' you-animal-crossing-genuis! =D
Animal Crossing Mad LT23
Apr 08, 10 3:54pm
Yep, you have signed my guestbook, but you can do it again anytime. =p
Why thank-you, my family are comedic geniouses.

I'll get around to making a stamp sometime, but for now, you have some awesome text to look at. =D

Lalala. I don't know what else to say. =/


That doesn't look right, somehow... =/
Should be a bunny. =3

Anyways, I wish you farewell. Have fun in life as cheese. =D
From your brillaint friend, Alice aka Animal Crossing Mad.

PS. You don't have to, but could you possibly add me to your friend list in your profile? Don't feel like you need to or anything... I'm going to update my profile friend list... One day. XD
Cassandra LT23
Mar 27, 10 10:17pm
    I can't believe I've known you so long and not signed your guestboook, what am I like? Tut tut. Well, anyway, the only stamp I have is for when I get a new username, but since that will be hopefully soon, I'll give it to you now. :3

    Well, that's one thing off my to-do list!

    It's, er, written on in invisible ink and that post-it note is expandable, I have a very busy life.

missylovesme LT23
Mar 20, 10 5:24am
Hi Louise! That picture of the cat made me ROFL. I have lots of them hidden in my saved files...but they're lost.
I feel special! I signed your guestbook! (Now, use your imagination, pretend I have beautiful perfect handwriting).
PichuRules LT23
Mar 14, 10 2:59am
Hey! Anyway, I'm glad we both post on the MP4 forum because I love Mario Party and I can't believe the forums for that series are dead, or almost dead. Keep posting and see ya!
Tailsmo LT23
Mar 03, 10 1:41pm
Hi,this is Tailsmo signing ur guestbook!I just wanted you to know that I added you to my friend list!peace out!X3Rock on dude!XD
Animal Crossing Mad LT23
Feb 25, 10 3:27am
I found the "Sign guestbook" button!
Yay! I feel clever. XD

It's not my fault, Neoseeker's changed. =(

Anyways, nice to meet you too. ^^

Looks like I don't have a stamp at the moment, so I'll just use this...

Behold my awesome humour. XD
Yes, I made it myself. ^^
Toonlink LT23
Feb 02, 10 2:51pm
Hi this is Toonlink signing your Guestbook!
I "LOVE" your Icon,It's so cute!
I hope we can be friends!
Please Sign my guestbook!
PM me.
Peace Out!
poppy34 LT23
Jan 19, 10 12:43am

Ohh! I`m kind! It`s my lucky day!

mellyyx LT23
Dec 15, 09 8:28am
Hey YOU"RE WELCOME GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR TURNIPS LOL. Yeah, we should be bestfriends. kbye oh and dont forget the ORANGE JUICE.
Dramon Knight LT23
Dec 11, 09 1:38am
Hello Louise, I decided I should sign your guestbook now, so here you go.

Stick around on Neoseeker please. :]