You forgot to mention how it's available later today as part of the Xbox One Preview Program, RabidChinaGirl. read more

Halo 5 beta tomorrow? I'll take it.
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Don't worry guys, I won't rub it on your faces...
You should, everyone seems to be doing it nowadays. read more

Where is it written that Destiny was going to be a Sony exclusive? It was simply announced at a... read more

I almost jumped on the deal then decided there was nothing for me to play on it. read more

Xeros the Slayer - They still have Gears, since there are still rumours running around for that.... read more

'over 50gb download'. It's only a 15gb download, buddy. If you own disks. Wolfenstein is 45gb... read more

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Hooooooooooooooooooold up! Where's Halo Reach?
While Halo Reach is part of the... read more

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19.99 is not bad for all the content they're providing. I'll be getting it. read more

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That was a nice vacation.
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Because we cannot segregate or turn users around because of some horrible guests. read more

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I'm sure the double tap to bring up the snap guide has been around for ages?...
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I've been thinking of just hoarding Decoherents until after the patch
Only engrams... read more