That's what happens when you play games you played 4 years ago, you get bored of it quickly. read more

Sorry to break it to you but Titanfall was developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by... read more

Oh that's cool, just spoil a major story plot on a status for all to see. Thank you for ruining it for me. read more

Nobody cares that you spent thousands of dollars. read more

likes overthetop2's status update: "There seems to be a recent trend to make a member update that is the name of a game/anime, without elaborating on what they think of it..."

unclebobert87 - Ever since the latest expansion getting to 31 is possible without touching the raid. read more

likes VeGiTAX2's status update: "Less than a week left until I'm in the Madden Bowl XXI showdown in AZ! Practicing so much I see Madden matches in my sleep."

not something you should be proud of. read more

More iterations of Borderlands are coming to Next-Gen Consoles.
likes Cerebral Assassin's status update: "It's been another year and Tiffany/Dynamite still fails, what more do you expect."