likes VeGiTAX2's status update: "Less than a week left until I'm in the Madden Bowl XXI showdown in AZ! Practicing so much I see Madden matches in my sleep."

not something you should be proud of. read more

More iterations of Borderlands are coming to Next-Gen Consoles.
likes Cerebral Assassin's status update: "It's been another year and Tiffany/Dynamite still fails, what more do you expect."

BIRO - UEFI is the only annoying thing about it really, otherwise Windows 8 is fine. But I see your concerns. read more

Windows 8 is Windows 7 with better security, ignore the start screen and you got the same shit.... read more

You forgot to mention how it's available later today as part of the Xbox One Preview Program, RabidChinaGirl. read more

Halo 5 beta tomorrow? I'll take it.
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Don't worry guys, I won't rub it on your faces...
You should, everyone seems to be doing it nowadays. read more

Where is it written that Destiny was going to be a Sony exclusive? It was simply announced at a... read more

I almost jumped on the deal then decided there was nothing for me to play on it. read more

Xeros the Slayer - They still have Gears, since there are still rumours running around for that.... read more

'over 50gb download'. It's only a 15gb download, buddy. If you own disks. Wolfenstein is 45gb... read more