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I've been thinking of just hoarding Decoherents until after the patch
Only engrams... read more

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likes canderson's status update: "iPhone sells well as usual and Android fans get salty for it's success. Same crap every year =P"

BlackLabel - You have to go crazy getting marks and missions! Honestly getting crucible marks is... read more

I actually can't wait for this, we have a team ready to go and I want to see what type of... read more


I prefer the black one since it matches all the rest of my equipment. Don't need a crazy white... read more

Bungie has always been known for being sneaky, lets see what kind of shit they pull out of their behinds this time. read more

rofl who spends money on a 4k tv.
I'm tired of all this 'Destiny' hype.
Time to play some Titanfall!

Whoever is upset by this should just go shoot themselves in the foot. It would just lead to a... read more

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Streaming Battlefield 4 now. :o