Jul 21, 15 8:38am

So you could get an entry level job that requires experience which you don't have. read more

Jul 19, 15 11:48am

All I care about is the Thorn (hand cannons in general) getting a Nerf. Those things are supposed... read more

Jul 17, 15 9:10pm

Maybe 5. It's been such a long time I don't recall. read more

Jul 17, 15 9:08pm

If I recall correctly, you need to get 20 posts to be able to use a signature. Just get there, it's easy! read more

Jul 17, 15 9:07pm

quote Dreadlock Holiday
quote Burweedo
First Comment, Destiny Sux Nuts
Such inspiration. Many...
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Jul 17, 15 2:47pm

One of the reasons as to why I came to this website. Good choice. read more

Jul 14, 15 12:38pm
Apparently I'm heartless cuz I'm not torn apart about someone dying whom I didn't know. Seriously? ppl getting 'affected' cuz of a stranger.
Jul 13, 15 9:42pm

Nobody that you should be sad about. read more

Jul 11, 15 2:10pm

Bungie isn't Bungie anymore, 90% of the team that was there from the beginning is gone anyways. So... read more

Jul 09, 15 3:08pm

Someone who adds you as a friend. read more

Jun 30, 15 9:07am

Actually, the first few CoD's were cool, it just went down hill from there. read more

Jun 26, 15 9:51am

To all the comments saying 'veterans gets screwed'. What world do you live in? This has always... read more

Jun 19, 15 11:11am

I honestly couldn't give two craps about this, overrated title. read more

Jun 16, 15 2:47pm
started a discussion titled "Kingdom Hearts 3 E3 2015 Trailer" in Kingdom Hearts III
Jun 15, 15 2:24pm

quote Xeros the Slayer
I saw, it was a joke over how absurdly dark it was.
Eh GW is always known for... read more

Jun 15, 15 2:01pm

Oh look he mentioned Quantum. But I want to see it now. read more