I'm tired of all this 'Destiny' hype.
Time to play some Titanfall! http://bit.ly/1sDQcsh

Seems they are ready to go all out with a beta to test everything on the game. They announced today at gamescon that the beta

--Quote-- As with previous updates, these may be rolling out in general availability to Xbox One owners at different stages i

Streaming Battlefield 4 now. :o http://bit.ly/1sDQcsh
Crimson Dragon Random Time.... http://bit.ly/1sDQcsh

Live now: http://www.twitch.tv/xbox I feel like I am watching Titanfall with all the boosting around.

Seems like I forgot to include a link for the last status. http://bit.ly/1sDQcsh
Titanfall Stream for fun. Wonder if I am going to lag....
I want cookies.
Why do people have a hard time admitting a game is shit?

I've just last night managed to hit the 10th Generation so I wanted to see how many others have managed it or those who aren't far off making it, it took me a while to do the Gen 9 Challenges but now I'm at 10 I'm just working my way through a...

As anyone who has pre-ordered Destiny will already know, and will most likely have received codes for, there is a public beta set for consoles this summer before the game drops in September. We now have a more accurate date for the beta with t...

When you try to PM someone from my.neoforum, you'll go to the PM page but it will not fill up the username that you chose

Let's be honest here, which gametype do you prefer? I'm a pilot hunter myself, even if I am playing attrition I am go

So, I hate the bundled headset and I want something better or wireless. I need comments on the different headsets that are of

So the beta is over, :( (well for me it'll be over tomorrow). How did you guys fare in stats? Were you owning minions or

I'm close to kicking my wife out of the room so that I can play Titanfall.
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