When you try to PM someone from my.neoforum, you'll go to the PM page but it will not fill up the username that you chose

Let's be honest here, which gametype do you prefer? I'm a pilot hunter myself, even if I am playing attrition I am go

So, I hate the bundled headset and I want something better or wireless. I need comments on the different headsets that are of

So the beta is over, :( (well for me it'll be over tomorrow). How did you guys fare in stats? Were you owning minions or

I'm close to kicking my wife out of the room so that I can play Titanfall.
Xbox One Titanfall Beta Code Giveaway! Join us! http://neo.ly/MYhoTj

source Keep an eye on the Titanfall or VinceZampella twitter account!

--Quote-- With the next Xbox One update scheduled to come out this week, Marc Whitten has posted details about what to ex

We have the Fallout GD which is huge in size. If you click on the following link: http://www.neoseeker.com/forums/directme

Fan boys are annoying.
Playing Ryse with bluexy.
So I decided to play CoD Ghosts Online, I don't know why anyone would want to do this.
Titanfall is freaking awesome 'nuff said. Titanfall
'15 WRX STi? I believe I want to get one.
Bunch of Blu-rays on sale @ amazon for Anime: http://bit.ly/1dHyfkT

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Just had fun playing Ryse with Rayce.
There could also be some Driveatar you're racing against on Forza Motorsport 5 http://neo.ly/K3NEmE
Or maybe you're killing some Zombies tonight on Dead Rising 3.. http://neo.ly/189alhK
I hear Halo: Spartan Assault# is fun too. http://neo.ly/K1cjsv
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