Jan 20, 15 9:34am
More iterations of Borderlands are coming to Next-Gen Consoles. http://neo.ly/1Gp5kVg
LOD-squa shared a forum thread
Jan 15, 15 6:58pm

--Quote-- Death Race 2015 Hard Mode for Crota’s End is ready. We know you are, too. The first Fireteam to sink their

LOD-squa shared a forum thread
Jan 02, 15 10:37am

--Quote-- A new image has been floating around the internet today morning which appears to reveal Bungie and Activision&rsquo

LOD-squa shared a link
Dec 29, 14 9:43am

Seems to be starting early today (12pm EST, 9am PST), if you want to beat download rush I recommend doing it then. :o Sour

Dec 18, 14 7:43pm
Halo 5 beta tomorrow? I'll take it.
LOD-squa shared a forum thread
Dec 07, 14 8:26pm

Who's getting the DLC? What has sold you on it? Up to this point I've decided not to spend my money on this unfinishe

LOD-squa shared a forum thread
Nov 30, 14 7:26pm

Congrats on finally making moderator nub @Justplayingitcool! Don't screw it up now. Your name almost made me type somethi

LOD-squa shared a link
Nov 30, 14 2:35pm

This seems to be happening too often, having one ad on the top of the page then being annoyed by a 2nd add on the bottom.

LOD-squa shared a forum thread
Oct 28, 14 11:20am

--Quote-- Summary This update makes Destiny a more stable experience for all players. We’re also changing the player e

Oct 27, 14 3:59pm
That was a nice vacation.
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Sep 29, 14 12:44pm
LOD-squa shared a forum thread
Sep 26, 14 7:00pm

The 1.0.2 patch will go live next week, and includes several changes to the Cryptarch and Engram experience. These changes

LOD-squa shared a link
Sep 23, 14 12:52pm

Hey guys, we have a Neoseeker Group hosted at Bungie.net that anyone can join. You can go ahead and do so by signing into bun

Aug 31, 14 2:19pm
rofl who spends money on a 4k tv.
LOD-squa shared a forum thread
Aug 27, 14 2:05pm

It seems that Destiny fans will be able to pre-order/pre-load destiny on the Xbox One right before launch. A user at NeoGaf h

LOD-squa shared a forum thread
Aug 27, 14 1:57pm

So we got a small taste during the beta when riding around the Sparrow. We know that the one that we started with as somewhat

LOD-squa shared a video from twitch.tv
Aug 24, 14 9:35pm
Aug 15, 14 9:15pm
I'm tired of all this 'Destiny' hype.
Aug 14, 14 8:36pm
Time to play some Titanfall! http://bit.ly/1sDQcsh
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