My name is Jake, and here is a few things about me.

I am very reserved around people I do not know very well. I am a little more talkative around people that I do know, but I am generally unenthusiastic about most things in life. While I dont have an opinion on many things, most of the things I do have an opinion on I absolutely hate. I do not know what my future, "real", occupation will be when I grow up, but, being a gamer, my dream job would be to head my own gaming company and be someone like Miyamotto, who basically gets paid to think of video game ideas. I am not the kind of guy that would brag, and I usually don't like the spot light to be on me when I am with a group of people.

Specifically the consoles I like are the Xbox 360 and the Wii, with the exception of Spore and Guild wars, which I have for my decent PC. I have another neoseeker account, JT GangstA. I made this account a long time ago, and I now am mature enough to realize how gay and stupid gangsta actually is. I made a new account because of the name of my first one.

I am not a Fanboy, but I do say some things about other consoles some people don't like. I base my stuff off facts when I argue with someone, and this applies to my responses to neoseeker questions, threads, and articles.

My Favorite Games of all Time include (in no particular order):

Jak series
Ratchet and Clank Series
Fallout 3
Super smash bros. brawl
Guild Wars (series)

Currently playing: Fallout 3, Halo 3

There are a lot of gaming events I would like to see happen. These include:

A Project Snowblind or Black Sequel

A game similar to harvest moon/animal crossing where you are an astronaut living on the moon

A game where you are the only person left on earth after a cataclysmic event, and you have to rebuild it and keep it running.

A COD MMO set in modern times

A Bioshock MMO

A Fable MMO (or an MMO built on the Fable engine)

There are three things in life I would love to see happen. The first is the day where we use roller coasters to travel from place to place rather than cars. The second is to see a video game made in my generation that puts you literally in the video game (sort of like how people hacked into the Matrix, in...well... The Matrix trilogy). The third event is the day my internet connection does not screw up.

Well, that all you need to know about me!


Video games

Rock Music


Seeing Nintendo actually care about online rather than just have it to say they did something


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Will 4th person shooters happen?
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Yes. Tomorrow, noon sharp, at the corner of Dumb & Ass...
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