Why do I sit here
When I want to Go
Why do I fool myself
Into thinking that you want me?
Why do you take my heart
And use it for your games
Don't you understand
That I feel pain?
Don't you even care
About how I'm strained
DO you want to hurt me?
Have i become your toy?
To play with and break
For yo to take some sick joy
In my distress and my disrupture
Why won't you leave me alone?
Because you know I'm too weak
To pull myself away
All you do is hurt me
And say just enough to hold me
When my heart breaks and I cry on the floor
Are those your laughs I hear
As I weep until sleep
Do you relish every moment
That i'm wincing hurting
Am I no more to you than some bloody show?
Are you trying to find out
If it's possible to die from heartache?
I long to be free from this
I long to be released from you
From yor manipulations and your torture
I don't want to play
I just want to feel something, I want to be enough
I'm tired of repeating this
Over and over
The women I end up with never want me
I'm just second best until they find first
Just an appetizer to be stripped and tossed away
No one comes for me, they settle on me
Strip down of al they desire
Then throw my battered carcass to the side
Proceed to desert me without a care
but all i want is someone
Someone who needs me for me
Not someone who says they want me just to play their wicked ploy
I want someone who truly needs me as much as I need them
But a vagrant like myself will never be needed
A battered man is good for no one
I guess I just, I mean
I'll have to learn to deal with what I get
Nothing will ever last, I'm sure to die alone
But you can't change your nature, so I guess i gotta cope


Mobile Suit Gundam(Any and all except shtty ass Wing); My band, Drawing, Painting, Writing, you know same old nonsense as always=P


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It's a given that problems will occur, I mean come on now, it's neo.
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Oct 29, 2002

Ok, so I may just be reviewing this now, but I bought the game when it ws released and I can honestly say I still play it. BUT, this game is for die-hard figter fans only, it's absolutely not for those looking for a quick, fun pick up and play...

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