C Falcon Kutless
Jan 28, 10 8:00am
dear mr.kutless sir

its been a long time hasn't it?

i just came back from my eternal sleep. wasnt very eternal....

will write soon, must check out stange new neoseeker

i have no idea why i was writing like i was a caveman

anyhow see ya hopefully.

C Falcon Kutless
Dec 25, 07 8:39pm
When you get on you'll see this I know it....

see you when you come back ol' buddy

C Falcon Kutless
Jul 31, 07 1:37am
Because I haven't seen you in like a long time. Remember me I hope? Still don't have a stamp.... Uh... Well I hope to see you around...


C Falcon
Celipink Kutless
Jun 12, 07 10:55pm

Hope you like my stamp! i worked hard on it...Well You better stamp back too!! Well i really enjoy talking to you a lot. You're really cool!
RedNeck Dragon101 Kutless
Apr 5, 07 5:49pm
Yo!!!! I am RedNeck Dragon101 and I am the biggest red neck ever.

:| :) :):)
Ziggy Bird Kutless
Apr 1, 07 4:12pm

KNOW WHAT DAY IT IS!! of course you do! happy april fools day!! i hope you have a great time and fool alot of people!!
LiveslikeBeth Kutless
Feb 24, 07 11:54pm
I just realized that I have never signed your guestbook before. -_- Mmkay, well, I'm doing it now! xD

Ziggy Bird Kutless
Feb 15, 07 12:59am

C Falcon Kutless
Feb 6, 07 2:22am
I made those for BC ha! and yet I don't have one yet....I'll make one and show you it..... You'll be the first! and or else what? gorillas will come and attack me? lol see ya kutless.....
Born Confused Kutless
Jan 21, 07 7:23pm
See you lots.

Wrong one!

Lookie! It's SAKURA!!!
Ziggy Bird Kutless
Jan 21, 07 5:04am

hey kutless!!!!! Whats up!!!well i always wanted to sign your guestbook so here you go!! i hope you like my stamp!! remain true to yourself, my friend....
linkdude Kutless
Jan 9, 07 2:51am
hello. i was demanded to sign your guestbook by my slavedriver. so yah. talk to yah later. also, i have to sign ten guestbooks a day so expect a couple more signings.
Azn_Applecake Kutless
Dec 27, 06 5:31am
i just saw the link in ur sig, and i thought i would sign.

by the way, Merry Christmas! sry, i dont have a christmas stamp...

sign back
linkdude Kutless
Dec 26, 06 1:36am
hi kutless! i just realised i havnt yet signed your guestbook so here ya go!
Cookiekitten Kutless
Dec 24, 06 4:00am
Hey, I just saw your werewolves thread, and saw your link, so I was like, "Okay, I'll sign!"

It's almost Christmas! Hooray for time off from school! Except, I need to study...for...exams...bleh. Ah well.

Plz sign back, ne?
Big_Burta Kutless
Dec 16, 06 7:23am
Hi, kutless! Thanks for signing my Guestbook! And yeah, I guess I did fix my avatar problem since it showed up the next day. Thank you for asking. Well, I'll just stamp your Guestbook and be on my way!

C Falcon Kutless
Dec 6, 06 1:31am
I saw the link as well so I will sign. I don't have a stapm so sorry... I hope you sign mine... nice 300 posts.. I'm getting there.... See ya around the Harvest Moon fourm....

-C Falcon
Mattyo94 Kutless
Dec 4, 06 1:42am
I saw your link to your guestbook so here i am

sing back
Dragoon Vince Kutless
Dec 3, 06 11:37pm
I saw that your name was Kutless and that your pic was the band so I thought, 'maybe he likes that band too?'.
Do you like Kutless?
Check my profile and sign back!
Click my links in my siggie too!
ProfessorMaple Kutless
Dec 3, 06 7:54pm
G'day there, unless you are reading this after 6pm; in which case, good evening. I believe you are currently being stamped...Uh-oh! It's too late! aaaaah!