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Kurtiswalsh blogged
Jul 17, 09 5:11am

Fifa 09 vs. Pro Evolution Soccer 2009

    So, I'm assuming that Fifa 2010 and Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 will be out and in shops at around late September/early October? As it's probably the case, (it is every year) I though I'd assess and give my view on the current and soon to be last years games, and which I think is better game. In my opinion of course. Now I played bought both of these games near the same time, If I recall correctly, I bought PES two weeks after I had bought Fifa. Pro Evo for me has always been the number one top spot, I've always thought it was more fun and the game play, game modes were more fun, etc, but after buying Fifa 09 it was different to last years 08, it had definitely improved. The game play was much more smoother and quicker, the graphics were better and it was becoming a great game. Nevertheless, I had the money to buy PES2009 and I bought that and tested it. It felt different to last years PES (which was my favourite) and more robotic, the passing was weird and it was felt like a different game. For some reason though I played for like a month and went back to Fifa. I don't think I've played Pro Evo for a good few months now. After taking everything in, here is what is the best about Fifa 09 and PES09:

Fifa 09:
  • The Gameplay
  • Manager Mode > Master League
  • Fifa 09 Arena
  • Own Celebrations
  • BAP: Seasons
  • Passing was better
  • German Leagues
  • Gray and Tyler > Lawrenson and Champion

Pro Evo:
  • Crossing is so much better and pinpoint
  • More Nationals
  • Champions League mode
  • More modes
    So taking that in, Fifa clearly had the better game play and ideas IMO. But I think that Fifa could take a book from Pro Evo's crossing as not only is Fifa's poor but there rivals is also great. You cant really put low crosses in on Fifa while on Pro Evolution Soccer you can. Fifa is more glitched too, the commentators say some random stuff on it when it is not relevant. Pes also get better teams, for e.g, Shakhtar. Now for PES, their let down was the game play. The passing, shooting, lobbing and lobbed through ball wasn't as great. They couldn't afford German Licenses and they couldn't afford to get that many stadiums on the game and no real music while Fifa did. I was gutted to see Anfield not available as a stadium. Taking it all into account:
Fifa 2009: 9.0
PES 2009 - 7.5
    So Fifa wins. I will once again be getting both games next year and will hopefully see better improvements on both. As there is always room for it. :)

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