Hey everyone!

I am Kuriusu. That's Japanese for Chris. Anyways, I have just learning HTML so don't expect this to be a big ol' fancy Neohome. It's pretty cool learning this stuff.

Anyways, here goes nothing.

Me, Myself, and I

Well, I'm Chris. I'm pretty much your average gamer. Good in school, doesn't really stand out. I enjoy action games like Zelda and Brawl,(fun fact, Zelda means female warrior) any Metroid game is fun, and i'm a partial PS3 player.

Other then just vidya games, I enjoy basket ball,(another fun fact, i'm only 12 and about 5' 6") I find most things Medieval very cool and actiony. I also enjoy comedy, Including the TV Show Seinfield, and various stand up comedians. I read occasionally, but usually am here or gaming.

That's about it. I leave you with that.