Kurifu shared a forum thread
May 23, 15 7:40pm

So as I was running between my various rented fields, I noticed Licorice was in an odd spot. I took a picture to show you all

Kurifu shared a forum thread
Mar 05, 15 11:17am

Hi everyone, I'm on a mission to make the most annoying team I can think of _for in-game play_ -- basically, just for

Jul 21, 14 4:18am
It was fun to offer a cloning service to everyone, but I'm looking forward to just having fun with everyone now that the thread is done :)
Jun 26, 14 6:17pm
I am now a trusted cloner!!
Jun 25, 14 2:24am
Visit my Facebook and my Tumblr -- links are in my "About" section!
Jun 22, 14 1:30am
See my thread about my cloning service!
Kurifu shared a forum thread
Jun 22, 14 12:43am

Shop status: _OPEN_ Welcome to my cloning thread! As the title states, I am offering cloning services using the PowerSaves

Jun 18, 14 1:32am
So close to finishing the national dex!
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