I have some old cloned stuff I dont care for much anymore, so looking to trade them for Gengar/Diancie codes. The list:

Title says it all, got a few USA Gengar codes and im looking for gamestop charizard codes.

Looking for as many USA Gengar codes I can get. Events: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AoAsAAmRgyH8dDNMOU

I have an M17 Darkrai code for trade, looking for gamestop charizard codes. May have some other uncloned events to trade depe

I have a few uncloned events, let me know what you're looking for for your codes and I'll look into it. Also look

So im looking for some people to breed a few pokemon with egg moves onto them and be able to get it done within 24-48 hours (

Looking for unused taiwan and hong kong charizard codes. Some stuff for trade: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?k

I am looking for UNCLONED GAME Charizards and GAME Magmar/Electabuzz Codes. My list: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/c

Title says it all, looking for uncloned Gen 6 events with proof. The Vivillons can be custom so you can choose: Date - Lan

Looking for HK Charizard codes. Dont mind trading bulk: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AoAsAAmRgyH8dDNMOUp

Hi! I am looking for a few battle ready pokemon, shinyness doesnt matter (would be nice) but they must be kalos bred and not

Looking for 4 power bracers. Few KB shinys I have to offer: Ralts (Male) - Adamant - Shadow Sneak/Destiny Bond/Disable/

_Mainly looking for:_ PCBC Events Korean Sylveon Korean Olleh TV Charizards Korean Emart events Korean VGC Garchomps PC

Need an EV trainer and a breeder. Breeder to breed a HA pokemon to be nicknameable. FT: Kalos bred shinys: www.tinyurl.com/

Looking for: Goodra - Modest - Goomy - Higher IVs the better Greninja - Timid - Protein - Higher IVs the better FT: htt

I am _only_ looking for Untouched Legit (non-powersaved) Generation 6 events. My main wants at the moment: Olleh T.V Char

Hello people, just doing a quick pokemon giveaway because I need to get rid of these pokes but dont think releasing them woul

Hello! Welcome to my little shop for special ball pokemon! Here I am trading pokemon in special balls, which means I _onl

Hello! Im looking for the new movie 17 darkrai that came out today. Check out my list and lemme know if you're interest

Hello! This is my little shop of Gen 6 Events and some Kalos Shiny pokemon. The pokemon I trade are clones so if you have a

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