Basketball and volleyball enthusiast..

A former naval officer who finished his advanced courses during his days in college.

One of the most decorated officers in the service during his reserved officer training service. He has taken liking to the aspects of military development.

Can you say, Most helpful Neo member? Yes! That's Kuldahar and he likes to help people. ^_^ I won the most helpful seeker award in Loungin', and I'm happy to know that people regard me as such.

Programming, creating graphics, music and sports.. just some of the areas where I like to spend my time in. I don't usually go out and be with different people. Rather, I like to be with a selected few and have outrageous fun with them. :D

In other words, I'm a choosy person. ^^"


The following are my interests and are listed according to nothing (hehe):
2. Java Programming
3. PHP Programming
4. Flash AS Programming
5. Graphics Design
6. Military discipline
7. Nature tripping and beaches. XD


June 2011: Photography | Videography | IT Outsourcing
PHP5 // jQuery // CSS3 // HTML5
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Review: Sacred - A cool resemblance to Diablo 2

Apr 18, 2004

Graphics The game's graphics is above average even when you don't have the settings set to full. Unlike D2: LOD and its game patches, the graphics are more fluid and the detail of the characters and NPCs are much better. Sound Turn up the volume...

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