Got re-suspended after returning to school with my newly dyed purple hair, useless as no one else will be at school tomorrow due to Australain heat anyway.

Also my religon teacher thinks I'm satanic, how fun :3

I want to buy Guitar Hero :|

death satanic playstation 3 xbox 360 ds other anime

Due to the heat school is off for Friday this makes me a very Happy Goth Kuja ;3

Might play Guitar Hero with some friends in my sisters room ;3

playstation 3 xbox 360 playstation 2 ds other himalayan guitar hero school heat hot

Lol I got suspended for having "extreme" hair and being "Rebel Behavior" class's actually didn't start yet.

Now I had to get my hair cut, and now it looks a shit reverse mullet :/

Also I should pick up my DS from EB as I was ment to pick it up 5 weeks ago.

hair school sucks rebel shit ds other

I bought some hair dye from there, it was ment to be black.
It turned out red. :|

Well its ok I guess.

Ok now I am going to re-dye my hair.

I Need sugestions!

red price party blood hair other


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