Arson doesn't cure mentally ill children as far as I'm aware. read more

The shotgun gunplay is excellent, love the kickback it has and how your targets react to being shot by it. The... read more

It depends entirely on whether their contracts included advertising and likeness waivers. If they gave permission in... read more

Don't be too overjoyed for PC owners, it's served up on a delicious turdplate known as Games for Windows. read more

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It looks very cool and I like how they've made the hotwiring interactive, wish they'd do that on the proper GTA... read more

Steam seriously used to be SHIT. Back when you had to install it if you wanted to play Half Life 2, it was the worst... read more

9th screen is broken Lydia, third row, middle. read more

Bloody amazing looking, that trailer is easily all ingame footage from my experience of 1942 and Battlefield 2. I... read more

Just delete your ClientRegistry.blob file from Steam's directory Jarhead. That'll force a manual update of your... read more

My only run-in with GFW so far was with Kane & Lynch and god it was unpleasant, so here's hoping lessons were learnt. read more

Yeah that was my first reaction, it seems like the whole shock and suspense factor has been eliminated in favor of... read more

That interview is shocking. It sounds like the kind of self righteous shite that EA come out with and really is... read more

If they can make it as freely accessible and intuitive as XBOX Live is, they'll have a surefire hit on their hands... read more

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The lawyers try and use it as leverage to get their clients off, by claiming that they were misguided by the taboo... read more

What a lovely diagram showing how DRM affects us. read more