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Name: Ike James Morvant
Age: 22
Date Of Birth: 1st August, 1990
Home Region: Kanto
Hair Colour: Light Brown
Eye Colour: Blue
Height: 6'2"

Favourite Colour: Lime Green
Favourite Food: Pepperoni Pizza
Favourite Genre of Music: Classic Rock
Favourite Number: 2
Favourite Band/Artist: AC/DC

Ike is a very... He's a very 'I dunno' character, to me. xD He's got the qualities of a main character, but he's also got this side to him that sorta makes him a bit loopy. He's your 'typical' male, you could say. He has his personality changes through-out the story, which makes him such a weird character. One day you'll find him 'eh i'm in a lazy mood today' to a more angrier mood. And that's what makes Ike loveable as well. He has so many personalities, yet you love him in all of them. He's hard to say no, as a friend.

Ike grew up in a more rural area, and spend most of his time growing up with Jade. They were pretty close, and you know, they would tease each other and such. It's what they did and still, do this day, you'll see Ike thinking thoughts about Jade, whether it's because she's said something adorably cute, and at the same time stupid, or the things that she does. But at the age of seven, Ike would hear yelling downstairs, and he would notice small things about his parents, like an eye roll from the mother, and how they sat apart instead of sitting close together, cuddling each other, like cliché couples do. He just didn't have any sort of a clue what was happening. And one morning, close to when he was turning 8, he woke up to only find Mum still sleeping, however the dad left. So as normal boys would do, he would wait for dad to come home. Right up until he was 12, his mum would bring home a stranger home each night - the same stranger - and they would do something. Watch a movie, complete a puzzle, et cetera, et cetera. And for now, Ike was content with the stranger. It reminded him of his dad, which he had forgotten over the years. When Ike was 15, Ike's mum and 'the stranger' got married. Soon after, things grew less... active around the house. The house became a dump, collecting dust. And the family had to pull through. Except the cause of the problem - the father. Ike's mum was dealing with stress, and Jade didn't know what was happening. Ike gave her his mobile and told him to go to her aunty, where she would be more secure. So after she left, Ike stood, until three years passed - when he was 18 - he left his home, stealing his father's mobile. He went to his Aunties house to see if Jade was there, but the time he got there it was night. Not wasting a second he climbed up the tree beside a room, and climbed in. It looked liked it was the bathroom, so he slowly searched the house, but there was no Jade. In the end, he left, and called Jade with the mobile to see where she was, and apperantly she joined Team Overgrown. Without any hesitation, he joined up as well.

Author's Thoughts:
So my thoughts on Ike. He's... not my favourite character to be completely honest. However her is quite outgoing and I would hang out with him. ^^

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So basically, if you are reading this, you're a huge fan of Lovely Eyes, or maybe you just clicked my Blog Icon wanting to find out what's going on with my real life. Well, either way, (hopefully) you'll love this idea. So basically this is like a collection of my thoughts of every chapter, and every character, including all the Pokémon. There'll be in-depth history and backgrounds of all the characters, and basically you'll see what's inside my head. ^^ So if you miss a chapter, miss something, anything, you can refer to here and read it here, or you can read this just for the funsies and because it's so totally awesome. xD Okay, I won't go that far. ;P

I'm still planning this, btw. I'm still working out format, but I think I'll have a page up soon. ^^

Oh, and if you wanna read the actual story, then this is it.


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