Come back, lord sass. :(
I found a character who looks like Gaga for you.
I love you, Lord Sassan McSassary. <3
stealing my avatar much?
I SAID BOTTOM YOU NUB. : So here's a simple question for y'all;

Only 8 more days to go! Over the past year, we've seen some amazing Pokémon pop up that'll be joining the Pok

With only nine days to go, discuss who you'll pick as you character!

In continuing the countdown of days until release!Prev dayAre you a boy? Or a girl? What sort of overall style are you going for or customisation options are you looking forward to? What name are you choosing for your hero?Tell us all about your c...

Hey guys, we got 10 days until the release of XY! To celebrate the release, we'll have a thread discussing simple questio

Well, it's a little late - it was created on September 4th, but hey, Google has decided to share us a fun game for all to

All game forums should have a countdown thread, so we've decided to make one here! To keep on topic instead of being spa

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