I love playing this game. LEGORacers N64
Owned on Genesis. Love it! MsPacMan SEGAMS
Own it on my 64. Very hard, but a lot of fun. StarWarsRogueSquadron PC
A lot of fun to race on. Episode1Racer PC
Wasn't the best for Story Mode, but the Voice Chat capability ROCKS! PokemonPearl DS
I love playing this one over and over again! PawsandClawsPetVet DS
A nice change from training for battles. PokemonStadium2 N64
Needs a Battery Replacement. PokemonGold GBC
A nice change from running around training Pokemon. PokemonRanger DS
I loved playing this and it is a lot of fun to replay PokemonFireRed GBA
I still haven't beat it. PokemonSilver GBC
Still havent beaten it LOL! PokemonBlue GBC
This one is alot of fun. PokemonPinball GBC
This was one of the better games out there. PokemonCrystal GBC
Very fun. Recommended. PokemonColosseum GC

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