Krystal Dark shared a forum thread
Oct 04, 15 4:45pm

Time to bring out your inner lolicon and dump images of your favorite loli! How much semen do YOU waste on that delicious fla

Krystal Dark
Oct 02, 15 6:10pm
If you like your steak "well done", then you are a terrible person.
Krystal Dark
Sep 27, 15 11:28am
Did you know that screwdrivers aren't screwdrivers if they can do more than screwing screws? Say that ten times fast.
Krystal Dark
Sep 26, 15 6:41am
You guys never respond to my pm messages! I'm leaving Neoseeker! :(((
Krystal Dark
Sep 24, 15 5:04pm
*** This comment was removed by its author. ***
Krystal Dark
Sep 21, 15 6:27pm
Chex Mix and Red Pepper Hummus
Krystal Dark
Sep 15, 15 7:13pm
Cirno is a lice fairy
Krystal Dark
Sep 10, 15 9:25pm
So I've decided to get back into Fairy Tail for the sake of a certain Dragon Slayer.
Krystal Dark
Sep 04, 15 4:43pm
My favorite anime is Animé
Krystal Dark
Aug 22, 15 7:39pm
Today I learned a different meaning for the word 'grass'.
Krystal Dark shared a link
Aug 19, 15 4:59pm

Welcome to The Monster of the Week thread! Surely all of us here grew up watching those saturday morning cartoons right?

Krystal Dark
Aug 15, 15 4:03pm
Wake me up.
Krystal Dark
Aug 11, 15 1:37pm
past tents
Krystal Dark
Aug 06, 15 9:52pm
I think Mad Father might have killed my Z key.
Krystal Dark
Aug 03, 15 3:29pm
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