So, this is the power of the Wii hue... damn
s-should i buy splatoon?
Annie is the crystal titan, Bertholdt is the colossal titan, Reiner is the armored titan.
Happy birthday, mein führer!
Spring is being weird. Hot one day raining on the other.
I miss winter already.
Nanoha threads are (almost)always great. Prove me wrong.
It's Easter Sunday and I'm never dying eggs again!
Here comes the spring anime season.
brb, writing down reasons for why Gunbuster should be in smash.
8-player smash, no items, no customs, big battlefield, fox only fgt _A Pokémon RolePlay by Vast_ _Live RolePlay:_ This roleplay will be live. This means t

brb chicken soup
Not very good at this smash thing.
I've been waiting for this! Symphogear GX
I'm not getting pinched this year!
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