simaddict Krunal
May 17, 11 10:26pm
nice page also good signiture m8 it must of taken alot of hard work to get to your stage i wish i was that good but never mind just gotta be paitient lol
JacqueseVonRIP Krunal
Mar 9, 11 10:25pm
Happy Birthday Krunal! I randomly decided to look at the birthdays today and there you were. I thought since I kind of know you I would drop by - Happy Birthday!
Lovedove Krunal
Mar 10, 10 4:01am
I don't really know much about you, but I know your name and that is why when I saw it listed under "Today's Birthdays:" I decided to sign your guestbook with a Happy Birthday message! =D However, if it totally isn't your birthday then just feel free to ignore this post, yet enjoy the laughs... >_>;;

Happy Birthday ()b

Mk444 Krunal
Jul 15, 09 9:21am
You are a great moderator! and you are very helpful in game forums. I see you a lot in forum posts! Keep up the good moderating!
<img /><img />
Millet Krunal
Jun 12, 09 4:01pm
Um, no I knew it. That link was not going to work.

This is the type of link, as you really, really suggested I use, Mod. K. It worked in Ryancola's Guestbook, from my end.
Millet Krunal
Jun 12, 09 3:57pm
Hi Krunal! You ARE a man! I knew it. I knew it. III KNEWknewKnewIt. Anyway. Seriousness. I Had or have to Know it! ( You not twenty-something [female-glamour-photo-image] bombshell, right? ) ( A Man, I right? I knew it. ) So, since everyone has your number cool Moderator. ( X's many Neo-Times-Over. Wow. ) Your help me, a neoseeker newcomer seems more ever quite a bit. You so staid!

So I drew picture your friend, a.k.a. General Final Fantasy Moderator "Ryancola!" Just because your banner mentioned him. So I felt INSPIRED to Do it Draw it sign it ( I had to sign his twice since I did not know how to use the image tag. It now signed an image, also thanks your help, Krunal. b.t.w. My dad seems think your name sounds **quoth** "fake." You see, I discovered that last name was K. "Sheth" earlier this evening when preparing put newest image [ your image, Moderator Krunal, not Ryancola's ] and I had managed to show my dad these two images I had done for Well, needless to say, I was debating openly whether to sign my piggy bank of indebted-to-coolness over to holders of Femininity, Masculinity, or Androgyninity in midst of which I had just mentioned that I thought it sounded Semitic when he, my dad, said this "fake" opinion. Amazing! So I stopped thinking about it. Oh. Guestbooks signatures in large number. Indian. An Indian name. Of Course! An Man of Indian descent! Awesome! ) One picture I drawn was for your friend. I therefore could not help but to do so for yourself as well, once it ocurred to me [ thank you for reminding me a few weeks ago ] that you would receive a signing in your Guestbook!!

It is my judgement that this image actually looks a little more balanced colors on my server, and smoother. If you ever want, I'll send you a .tif, or whatever if you [ would like to|could ] see it better as in if your better hardware.
( For the even newer on computers, this is yet again an instance of the alternate image-type/paletted issues versus web-safe. )
Princess Gow Gow Krunal
Dec 31, 08 8:57am
Hey Krunal!

You probably don't remember me, but if you do, take care!

Princess Gow Gow
Sindrak Krunal
Nov 14, 08 11:40am
Nice to see you around again. =O Finally decided to make a reappearance on neo after about a year missing. Though there's been so many changes to neo since I've been gone that it's basically like I'm a newbie again. XD

I think it's been about a year and our half since our co-modding days. =3
Emaster MK Krunal
Jul 21, 08 4:41pm
ohhhi Krunal, I have seen you in the forums, screenshots, GGrep...Everywhere I stamp you as the best Mod in Neo ^^

Agrias Krunal
Jun 25, 08 10:11pm
Hey, it's time for little Joana's sign here!

You know that you are a very pretty girl? LOL

Yeah, at first I thought you were a girl (I've told you that already!)

You've been a very good pal around here. I learned a lot from you. This is the smallest way I can thank you!

I now leave, leaving a special kiss *

Joana Vieira!
Sayyed Krunal
Mar 27, 08 11:11pm
its the third highest on gamegrep. ITANI still holds the record with 4000 XP.
I hold the second and third highest.

Well I didn't want to stamp you with the same stamp, so I'll stamp you with my new sig.

Sayyed Krunal
Mar 7, 08 6:18am
For posting links to my sword all over the web. Sorry I don't have any money though. I might let you hold the sword though...

Warsun Krunal
Feb 15, 08 3:52am

Thanks for all your help in the past! And why does your profile have more hits than me?
DragonSlayer45 Krunal
Feb 10, 08 7:51am
Hi there, Krunal

Wanted to sign your guestbook.

Your the best mod in the Final Fantasy forums.

See You Krunal.
bardack85 Krunal
Feb 5, 08 9:35pm
Krunal is tha man! he's very kind and always ready to help those who need him

You deserve this bro

A personal gift for you, just one of my artworks

Keeper Of Precepts Krunal
Jan 31, 08 5:00am
Hi there Krunal. I'm just passing through.

Oh Yeah forgot my manners, heres a stamp! Hope You Like It.

See You Krunal.
tidus04 Krunal
Dec 26, 07 4:41am

Hope you have a good one!
Principality Krunal
Dec 25, 07 8:48am

Merry Christmas!

May all your wishes and dreams come true in 2008. Have fun, and stay safe.

~Matt Addison / Astian~

Crimson Fury Krunal
Dec 6, 07 8:54am
Just passing through...

Mnmfan Krunal
Nov 19, 07 11:44pm
And here is your second stamp.

You can still stamp me 2 more times to earn yourself 2 more stamps.
Mnmfan Krunal
Nov 19, 07 11:43pm
As promised here are your stamps.

Hope you like it.
S v R 2010 Krunal
Sep 20, 07 9:24pm
Just signing to say thanks for helping me with the Wallet problem!

Coi Cki Krunal
Sep 19, 07 4:38pm
Thanks for the excellent news on the Ace Combat 6's PS3 version!! The guys at the AC forums (raijin1999 included) are going to build a statue in your honor.

speedy600 Krunal
Aug 2, 07 3:21pm
Hi I've seen you helping people on the Harry Potter thread so I'm signing your guestbook!
Here's A pic I found!

Remember them in the first film they are so young!
Sakura Krunal
Aug 2, 07 7:43am
Rao Gnihym!!!! Oui'na kuehk du ryja du dnyhcmyda drec, pid yhouha naytehk drec femm pa ymm mega "@___@" cu ed'c fundr ed.

E zicd fyhdat du cyo "Rammu". E ymcu fyhdat du damm oui dryd oui'na DRA sucd nacbaldypma bancuh E ryja ajan sad, yht E *muja* dymgehk du oui. Oui'na yfacusa Gni! Oui'na y knayd vneaht, yht oui'na zicd yh ysywehk bancuh. Ymdruikr oui lyh pa "sayh" cusadesac. *lneac* Zicd gettehk (ymdruikr oui lyh pa xieda cynlycdel).

Ryja vih drec.

Silr muja yht rikc,

B.C. Dno naytehk drec uidmuit, mega bnuhuihlehk ed.