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Aug 1, 09 9:21pm
Crap, tomorrows going to be one hell of a long day with my Multiplayer Matches in an attempt to get the GTAIV Online Trophies... GrandTheftAuto4
Aug 1, 09 6:15pm
Oh and haven't got 100% in trophies though... Multiplayer Trophies still to be done... need to draw up a plan of action for it... GrandTheftAuto4
Aug 1, 09 5:00pm
Wohoo... Finally got 100% in a GTA game Got the last of the blimmin Pigeons, and two Trophies to boot GrandTheftAuto4
Aug 1, 09 8:31am
Done another 12.... only got 38 more to go and I should have two more trophies and only online trophies to go... GrandTheftAuto4
Jul 31, 09 10:06pm
Decided to get 6 of them to make it a round number.only have 25% of the Pigeons to exterminate now. Can't wait till I get the last one 2moro GrandTheftAuto4
Jul 31, 09 9:49pm
Done quite a few in the last few days, only have 56 more to go, thinking of getting them all now rather than tomorrow... GrandTheftAuto4
Jul 29, 09 6:05pm
Okay, it's been exactly two months, and after platinuming R2, I'm back with GTAIV and Pigeons... 5 more done, so thats 70/200 exterminated. GrandTheftAuto4
May 29, 09 12:36am
Ah, this game is doing my head in... I've currently got 65 out of 200 Pigeons... 135 more to go and can't get myself to play anymore GrandTheftAuto4
Jun 12, 07 12:23pm
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