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Square-Enix: Past, Present & Future - Full Of Worries

Square-Enix: Past

Everyone remembers Final Fantasy X one of the most renowned and loved Final Fantasy title out there - at least on the PS2. The games that were released after that FFXI & FFXII were good, but many didn't consider FFXI to be even part of the series (I know I didn't), and FFX-2 & FFXII got mixed feelings (though I was one that loved and enjoyed both the games, albeit I didn't like the story of either too much, the gameplay was addictive enough for me). The one thing many people bring up and remember to this day is - FFX was Square-Soft, FFXII was Square-Enix. The merger of Square Soft and Enix seems to have been a "curse" of a sort for the two companies - at least many people think of it as such.

Square-Enix: Present

Square-Enix have since created a number of titles, none of which can be found on the PS2... but two of which can be found on the XBOX360, the next generation system. This is where my biggest worry is, and you'll see why...

So far Square-Enix have created two games for the Next-Gen system:- Infinite Undiscovery & The Last Remnant. With IU being released a couple of months back, and TLR a few weeks back, you'd have hoped that any issues with IU that came about would have been fixed for TLR. However if the reviews are anything to go by... TLR has gotten far lower review scores than IU did, with issues with the graphics being the greatest problem. It could be said that this was really due this game being developed on the Unreal Engine, however I can't help but worry that it's due to Square-Enix's inability to create good bug/issue-free games.

Infinite Undiscovery certainly had a lot less issues, though the storyline of the game was a major downer for many (and anyone that has played FFXII know that is also the case with that game). News has come from all those that have played The Last Remnant that the story is again an issue.

Square-Enix: Future

With Final Fantasy XIII in the works, two worries keep popping into my head.

Firstly, will they get the story right this time? If the past is anything to go by, FFX-2, FFXII, IU & TLR were certainly NOT the best that Square could offer, so will FFXIII break this trend or another to fall victim to the Square Soft - Enix merger?

Secondly, if the past two games on the current-gen consoles (XBOX360) have anything to go by, they were full of bugs, and with the most recent game having more bugs than the first, I think we can say that Square haven't learnt much from their mistakes, and went on to make a bigger mistake releasing a game that feels "rushed" and full of bugs. This could very well be the Unreal Engine, and their inability to use it, and one can only hope that they will do a lot better with their own Crystal Tools engine...


Though I'm going to reserve judgement on Square's capabilities till the PS3 version of The Last Remannt is released and is (hopefully) bug free, till that time I can't help but doubt Square's capabilities as a games developer, and as the developer of Final Fantasy XIII.

However I must say, that at the same time, I can't help but optimistic about Final Fantasy Versus XIII which is being worked on by Namura and his team, who have worked on the Kingdom Hearts series with excellent results.

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Tainted Nov 27, 08
Dude, that's disappointing. I didn't know IU and TLR were so buggy. And hearing that the graphics and story were the biggest problems with that game is disheartening; I thought FFX's story was incredible, and SE's graphics have always been the best offered on that system. I hope they can turn things around for FFXIII.
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Krunal Nov 27, 08
That's just it, it was Square Soft that made FFX, and I absolutely thought that FFXII's story was crap, and that was made after the Square-Enix merger. With many people complaining about IU's Story and that of TLR (I've seen many reviews doing just that, as well as a few gamers), I'm seriously worried for the story off FFXIII.
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kokushishin Nov 30, 08
I read about half a dozen TLR reviews and they all seem to be a contest of who can say Western and JRPG the most. To make things even more hilarious, I do not see one strategy RPG comparison.

I could really do with less hack 'n slash, but it seems KH and VP are still thought of as special.
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Fairy Girl Feb 13, 09
Unfortunately, FFXIII won't be released till next year.

I'm hoping to get Dissidia once it comes out.
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StarJet Feb 14, 09
Dissidia is really good. I don't know about PS3 games (don't have a PS3 ), but both Crisis Core and Dissidia for the PSP are great games. As a Final Fantasy fan who jumped on the bandwagon after the merge, I'm not sure whether I'm entitled to an opinion here, but never the less, I think Square is still quite capable of bringing out quality games.
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PangTong_Blademaster Jul 26, 09
I've just started playing Dissidia myself and I have to say it's a lot better than I had anticipated.

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