TheGirlGamer Krauserthegreat
Jun 6, 07 6:55am
Yeah so you seem like a cool guy from our conversation in the RE4 forum

I thought it was funny how you and criscrazy fought
MegaBassMan Krauserthegreat
Mar 4, 07 9:49pm
Hey, im on signin' roll here. U got the Wii i have it too (this true and i have to get 125 characters in). Anyway see ya... u know me from pokemon mystery dungeon rescue team forum
Yoshi Egg Krauserthegreat
Dec 15, 06 10:29am
I just wanted to say thanks for signing my Guest Book, y'know even though we had a bumpy start together, we are now great friends, and that is why I'm so happy!*Sniffle* *Sniffle* THANKS PAL!!!!!!!!
your probely the best rescuers that has helped me because no one would help me out so thanks hope my stamp works:

Verdugo_X2L Krauserthegreat
Oct 2, 06 2:47am
your boy Verdugo here, just signing your guestbook, I'm uh, working on our little, you know what, portal. We're looking to up to mare than a bunch of members and forum posts if we're to keep constant news up and running, anyways, pm me back, and we'll configure things around a bit. Oh, and I have your little assembly language guide ready.
my name is justin im 12 years old that loves re games i was a newbee if you dont now that much about neo seeker then ask crazy cris whith that private message well ttyl