Hey there princess! I like your counter signature "Cyber Slut"! It really turned me on (almost).

Hope to see ya post some time.

Merry Christmas. I hope you enjoy yourself these holidays.

Sorry I'm new to this but I like signing for fun, but it's fun? Well, yes, Hi to you and everyone else. I hope we become friends

Seeya later
Ur moderating my favourite forum so I guess It'd just be polite to sign, but you seem like an alright guy (that is if you are one)
*scribble scribble* to... my... biggest... fan.... Kramer...
There! All done!
hey sup ur a great mod! anywaiiz i thought i might sign ur guestbook cuz i was looking at everyones profiles
I just thought I would sign your guestbook and hope to see you around the FFX-2 forum. Do you like the Star ocean series? If so visit the SO3 forum you will like it. It isn't big at the momnt but is sure to grow.
Hey, I just wanted to drop a line and say hi,
I've seen you around a bit and uh ... you work at Hot Topic .. or your there alot? Either way thats cool. So yeah thats what I wanted to say. Cya around.

btw -
nice smile

\m/ (( >< )) \m/
Yes that last episode of Seinfield was terrible, out of all of them Kramer didnt deserve to go to jail, he's officially the Federal Bureau's favourite character.

The FBI have won again!
Thank you so much for saying so nice things in my guestbook,.... Its really kind.

Sorry for not signing your guestbook when you changed there, though glad I got to do it now. You are right though, You have always been a really good friend of me and thank you for helping me at hard times too, I truly appreciate everything you've done for me. Wish you the very best in life, and hope it goes well with the girl you told me about.

Best wishes, and gratitude from the frozen planes of Norway.

P.S. Thanks,.... and I will not forget, no matter what. You've been a true friend.
I guess its just common to sign the mods guestbook in the forum that you post in a lot. Or at least sometimes........I need to say sign mine because I can't think of anything else to say, but I still need to fill the 125 character requiement.
I was just poppin around your profile, cause i had to send you that email about the FFVII stuff, and i thought i'de sign your guestbook,

eh that oughta do it for the 125 character minimum, lol

catch ya later dude

The only thing I noticed different about the new name is you dont post as much, I never changed my name and I had all kinds of people hating me for a while.
just wanted to popp in and sign the guestbook of the only person for the last few years manage to freak me out!! lol
i needed that jolt! ty lol!

so you changed your name to kramer huh cool

well ttyl

the one and only...