Well, I guess it's about time I put something in this thing.

For starters, I was born and raised in rural Michigan, and... umm, well, there's really nothing interesting that goes on around here. One of those small towns where everyone knows (and gossips about) everyone else, you know what I mean.

I am currently in my second year of college. My major is in the computer field; more specifically, programming. I'm only just scratching the surface, though, so don't ask me about anything too technical. Nerdy, yes, but I make fun of myself endlessly for it. The college girls love that ;).

Personality-wise, I'm generally a pretty laid-back guy. I've got more of a sense of humor than I show here on Neoseeker... an outright smartass, really.

Falling asleep yet...? How about some quirks of mine to wake you up?

- I had an IQ of 141 in third grade, but didn't know how to tie my shoes.

- Some of my favorite foods include turtle soup, squirrel, and rabbit, to name a few.

- I've only actually been in one (very bad) relationship, yet I give people all kinds of advice on them. Do as I say, not as I do ;).

- I haven't gained a pound since about sophomore year in high school... Dammit!

- My brother can lick his elbow. But that's about him... Does that count?

- I can remember a few things about when I was reeeeeeeeally little, but I can't remember what I had for breakfast.

- I've been known to get 15 hours of sleep per day in the summer.

- Pet peeve: When people spell "PM's" like "PMs"... especially when they do it in all lower-case: "Yeah, I just sent you a whole bunch of pms..." Hope you got the play on words by now...


None at this time. Get on my good side, and maybe I'll give you one. :D


Video games, surfing the Internet, hot women... you know the drill.

Other interests: hunting, computers, NASCAR (though their constant rule changes and marketing piss me off)


You will become rich and famous... unless you don't.
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