Eugene Rulz Korn_Girl
Apr 10, 05 9:59pm
Hey there! I see you're a big corn fan. But not as big as me! Are you best friends with the Corn Man? I think not! Him and I smoke dem' stacks together all night long.

Sign Back
MrGTA Korn_Girl
Apr 10, 05 9:07am
Haha! Saw you in the loungin' forum and you seem very cool. Please come back to the lougin' forum and say whats up to your boy MrGTA. Sign back
Road Kill 101 Korn_Girl
Apr 09, 05 5:03am
Thanks for maing feel better. To return the favor I'm signing your G-Book. Well I hope we can keep in touch. Well, sign back.

Korn Rulz!!!
.Sign Back.
tom111 Korn_Girl
Apr 09, 05 5:00am
Welcome back corn girl.
I saw you in loungin thought I would sign. See you round the forums. PM me anytime to chat.
And again welcome back.
the_great_milenko Korn_Girl
Jan 05, 05 11:12pm
stamping rampage are you a insane clown posse fan as well if not you should be

see ya


stamp back
InFeRnO284 Korn_Girl
Dec 25, 04 5:03am
Merry Christmas!!!!

Haha like the neohome:laugh:

You seem like a really cool girl, maybe we can talk sometime;)

Now for the paint stamp:thick:

take care
jespomo Korn_Girl
Dec 25, 04 12:42am

Merry Christmas Korn_Girl, did you make up with Tec 9? I think you should keep your neohome like it is.
Tec 9 Korn_Girl
Dec 06, 04 8:12am
Sorry for pwning you, I hope we are still friends, it was just a joke, and you provoked me anyway. You said I couldnt pwn a plastic bag.
MaX Simpsons Korn_Girl
Oct 30, 04 4:21am
hey hope u like my pics

hope we can continue being friends and now plz sign back
bl3nd3r Korn_Girl
Oct 29, 04 6:23am
DQ Maniac Korn_Girl
Oct 28, 04 9:53am
metallica rules Korn_Girl
Oct 28, 04 7:44am
Um... KoRn rule so I'm signing your guestbook, congratulations, I singed.

Yeah, if you want any KoRn GFX feel free to PM me

Signed by
Homunculus Lover Korn_Girl
Oct 27, 04 11:52pm

Blah. Happy Halloween to ya!

Shhh! It was my first stamp I've done.
HitmanKill Korn_Girl
Oct 24, 04 11:19am
I just want to sign your guess book cuz i saw ur pictures on the pic forum and i just want to say you are B-E-Autiful,cute, and look sexy too/so just Pm me when u can cuz i want to talk to u I have AOL IM me ok babe emmittwr89.
MaX Simpsons Korn_Girl
Oct 17, 04 7:20pm

hey we can be good friends if u ever wanna chat im alwayz here we hav a lot in coman u and i, i know
so here i am stamping ur guest book
hugoauthen Korn_Girl
Oct 16, 04 3:14am
signing spree
please wait

sign back
jespomo Korn_Girl
Oct 07, 04 9:40pm
quote Korn_Girl
Your posts are quite nice to read , keep them up and thanks.
Thanks, nice to see some appreciation for all the effort I put into them. *lloks around shiftily*

You seem like a pretty cool member. Hope you continue post around the Europe forum, its a cool place to be.
AmeriKan PsyKo Korn_Girl
Oct 06, 04 8:39am
Just signing the guestbook of a fellow KoRn fan. See ya around!

- AmeriKan PsyKo
(formally known as KoRn NeRd)
kooldude_383 Korn_Girl
Oct 03, 04 8:24pm

Hey hope we can be good friends in the future, you know what? We have a lot in common if you know what I mean. So keep Private messaging me and we can stay in touch throughout all the time. Peace. Hope to see you sometime later.
way2fast10 Korn_Girl
Oct 03, 04 8:19pm
hey, way2fast here
signing er guestbook

sign back if u want
c ya
tubbzy_2004 Korn_Girl
Oct 03, 04 12:38am
I was looking through the Birthday Thread and saw that it was your Birthday, so.........HAPPY BIRTHDAY Korn_girl!!!

Thought I'd sign your GB seeing as it is your Birthday!!

Sign back if you want!!

The Man, The Legend
jespomo Korn_Girl
Oct 02, 04 5:22pm
Just doing my daily check of the birthdays and saw that someone I've seen post before had a birthday so Im signing your gb.

Have a good birthday.
Quetzalcoatl Korn_Girl
Oct 02, 04 12:11am
Hi there Korn_Girl! I see you like KoRn sao just came to sign your nice guestbook. I love you so much so, Miss Korn_Girl, Will you Neo-marry me? I love you so much

You love,
DQ Maniac Korn_Girl
Oct 01, 04 11:27pm
Hi, I saw your photo in Loungin' and you are one hot chick!
final fantasy master Korn_Girl
Oct 01, 04 5:59am
drink Labatt Blue and listen to Korn!!
And do what bozo does!!