i was born in a place that i am not in right now. at least i hope i wasn't born here. o_O that would be weird. anyways i'm a person that does stuff to because i can... i think. can i think? i forget. i'll just quit while i'm behind.


i'm a bassist in a band called The Heart Attacks. here's a song i wrote:

Sane Asylum

Verse 1:
People always say my thoughts are clear and right
They always say I’m getting closer to the light
I’m scared they’ll send me away
To the sane asylum; it could be today

Verse 2:
There are no padded walls or gates or locks on doors
All walls are painted like the mosaic tile floors
They don’t have straitjackets to hold my arms back
They’ve turn my eyes white and got rid of all the black

I’m stuck in a sane asylum
And I can’t get out
They say that it’s good for me
But I still gotta find out what it’s all about

Verse 3:
I need to find a way to run across the yard
Each time I try I get caught by that damn guard
I need to find a place where I can run and hide
‘til I can lose the needles shoved into my side
If I could only swim the imaginary moat
But first I gotta swallow the pills shoved down my throat


Verse 4:
They give me drugged up food to make sure I don’t lie
They took my wings from me to be sure I can’t fly
All this sanity has made me lose my head
Don’t wake me in the morning cuz I’ll probably be dead

Man! This place is driving me crazy!
What?! It’s supposed to make you less crazy
That’s what they want you to think. Let’s get out of here.

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Review: KISS Pinball - the real challenge of pinball

Jan 27, 2004

i've been playing on pinball machines since i could see the entire table. i have to say that i haven't played any machines this hard... ever. the speed is impecable and flat out amazing. i'm just glad i own this game because it combines 2 great...

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