I just logged in to my account and I got a notification that I got a message. I clicked on the notification and it took me to

Just got my first team in gen 6 ready to battle. Still testing it out. Anyone interested, shoot me a PM or post below. My FC

The title says it all. The following mega stones I'm offering are: Pinsirite, Manectite, Lucarionite, Gengarite, Blaziken

With the recent release of Pokebank/Transporter in the US, I am able to bring over my S/F Pokemon and Flawless Dittos. The Po

I have already transported 5 full boxes from B/W & B/W2 to my Y version. Yet, I still haven't received or had the opt

Shinies are great and all due to their value, however, there are shinies that I wouldn't even want because they are so un

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