NarutoFreak122 KonvictSaiyan
Aug 29, 08 11:58pm
im just signing any guestbook sign my guestbook when you get the chance sorry i don't know how to stamp but any way have a nice time on this web
NarutoFreak122 KonvictSaiyan
Aug 24, 08 9:00am
hello KonvictSaiyan thank for the cheat on dbz bt3 to pay you back if you ever need help with any game or advice e-mail me right away and i'll help you
Vegetazoid KonvictSaiyan
Aug 05, 08 7:29am
You have been stamped by the mighty prince!

Take care!
G_O_G_E_T_A KonvictSaiyan
Aug 05, 08 1:36am
Sorry for the late reply, been a while since I checked my GB. Saw you stamped it, so here's one in return:

Super Adam 13 KonvictSaiyan
Feb 20, 08 5:29am
KonvictSaiyan stands for big whiney head Just kidding and if I must...

You have been stampted now I have stampted most of the people I know... By the way that picture with the welcome and instructions doesnt work I wanna know.
mega_man_21 KonvictSaiyan
Jan 24, 08 6:07pm
Hey i barely checked my guestbook like a week ago and i saw your post I never saw it before haha sorry anyways just returning the favor and signing your guest book also

G_O_G_E_T_A KonvictSaiyan
Dec 18, 07 9:53pm
Hey dude, it may be a bit early but, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !

All the best in 2008 !
Broly The LSSJ KonvictSaiyan
Oct 17, 07 7:39pm
Looks like that last stamp didn't work. Heres another:

Naughty_Shorty KonvictSaiyan
Oct 06, 07 2:56pm
Yo mann!
Thought I would drop by and leave my stamp.

Yes, it's cool, I know =P
Well, catcha later!
Sayyed KonvictSaiyan
Aug 29, 07 4:47am

Tenshi KonvictSaiyan
Aug 28, 07 4:27am
~Hey man. Thanks for signing. I like the font on your new stamp. You'll get better when you practice. Keep it up.

cherry_seasons KonvictSaiyan
Aug 20, 07 11:59am
For signing my guest book ^^ Thats nice to hear, i never knew i could inspire someone to be better! xD Thanks a lot, and sure we can be friends ^^ Hope to get to know you!

STAMPED! [i made this a while ago, and i felt like being simple so i did lol]

NegativeEnergy KonvictSaiyan
Aug 18, 07 12:30am
yo, just came by here to stamp so enjoy the stamp man

G_O_G_E_T_A KonvictSaiyan
Aug 15, 07 12:05am
Just returning the favor, thanks for the signing. I still have the same stamp as before.

SSJ4BROLY KonvictSaiyan
Jul 30, 07 3:33pm
hey dude hows it going? i just thought i would show you my new stamp so here it is

see ya around
Broly The LSSJ KonvictSaiyan
Jul 26, 07 7:17pm
Sorry I never signed your guestbook man. How bout I make it up to you...

ssj4 Tolu KonvictSaiyan
Jul 22, 07 2:52am

Havent checked my GB for ages feeling kinda guilty now, so heres a long overdue stamp
G_O_G_E_T_A KonvictSaiyan
Jul 03, 07 1:36am
Just a quick drop in to say thanks for the signing, here is a stamp to return the favor:

eddieguerrerofan KonvictSaiyan
Jun 29, 07 8:39pm
Hope you like my new "Ying-Yang" like Stamp!

Keep it cool dude!
See Ya 'Round the Forums too.
NegativeEnergy KonvictSaiyan
Jun 10, 07 6:50am
you are cool man thanks for being the first to sigm my guestbook you deserve my personal slideshow
God of all saiyans KonvictSaiyan
May 28, 07 5:52pm
Thanks For The Great Stamp Im Trully Konvicted, Glad We're Becoming Great Friends And Im Happy That I Can Now Call Ya UMKS! Celebrate Good Times Come On!!!!!

'With No Battle Theres No Change For The Better'

Extract From Mitsuhide Akechi
Naughty_Shorty KonvictSaiyan
May 22, 07 8:02am
Hey just dropping by saying that I've got a new stamp!

Sign back!
SSJ4BROLY KonvictSaiyan
May 19, 07 5:30am
hey konvict thought i come in here and sign your guest book
god of power KonvictSaiyan
May 10, 07 11:47pm
dude you truly are a good friend on neoseeker if you want help and need some advice im always here.

god+of+power got your back.
eddieguerrerofan KonvictSaiyan
Apr 29, 07 5:46am
Congratz, you are the first member EVER to be "bedonked".

Consider this an act of kindness from myself and let this blessing be with you for the rest of your life.

The Bedonking tradition has now begun...

"Bedonking people since April 2007"