Oct 9, 16 1:31am
Just logging on for once... sigh
May 1, 16 10:55am
Im not dead, just not around really.
Dec 8, 15 3:28pm
Im a gamer not a complainer. Something the gaming community needs to stop doing...
Nov 5, 15 5:54pm
16 ps2 games added to the collection.
Murderer Konstruct
Sep 25, 15 10:02pm
how you doin? :p
Sep 20, 15 3:05pm
Am also bored...
Jul 8, 15 9:31pm
Whats going on everyone?
Jul 5, 15 7:15pm
Ok neoseeker what is madamenire.com and why is neoseeker profiles showing there?
Jun 4, 15 9:43pm
Superjail is awesome sauce
Jun 2, 15 9:32pm
Does Neoseeker have a rehabilitation forum? Im a forum junky now apparently.
Jun 2, 15 9:18pm
It's probably just me I'm not much of a talker but idk
Jun 2, 15 9:14pm
This website is weird, it wants to be community active, but the community is opposit alot of the time.
Konstruct blogged
Apr 6, 15 6:48pm

I have a Galaxy Tab S now so im going to try using it. As seen in my last status it,s going to take some practice Getting use to it so please bare with it for now☺
Apr 6, 15 6:45pm
Hey everyone sorr y have not posted my laptop kinda broke.
Konstruct shared a forum thread
Feb 8, 15 4:17am


Hey everyone, Got this idea from Neogaf and their clear/finish 3 games per month from you backlog thread. I don't have an

Dec 13, 14 3:26pm
Got a Wii U!! Also got Mario Kart 8, Super Mario 3D World, Nintendoland.
Dec 9, 14 8:11pm
Wii U this Saturday! Hopefully anyway!! Ahhhhh!! I am so excited I guess I really dont know but ya stuff!!!
Nov 30, 14 7:18pm
Getting a Wii U!! 3D Mario World, and Mario Kart 8 for a start. Going to be different going back to these style of games.
Oct 13, 14 8:19pm
Have I really gone the whole day without playing a videogame!!?? Something is not right here. Help! Ahhhh!!
Oct 7, 14 3:50pm
With all this immature nonsense going on with PS4 - Xbox, and pretty much every major release I am at edge with just getting WiiU/3DS bundle
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