Damn have not been on Neoseeker for awhile, got a lot of updating to do.
Well Darksiders you are a great game, but the controls killed what fun I had...
Need some help on a game decision. Tales of Graces F (love the Tales series) or Fable Anniversary (I did play the original back in the day.)
Sigh... What a boring weekend...
First day of my new job today. Wish me luck I suppose. I hope it's decent for awhile. Why am I so nervous shit....
6 more days until this job starts. Oh how I'm going to miss playing videogames, and watching cartoons/anime all day.
Hunted: The Demon's Forge recommend this to any dungeon crawling fans. Plays similar to Gears of War only with swords, bows, and magic.
I really got to stop over hyping about certain games before release.... I would like to be wowed by the game not just eh another game.
The Deus EX: Human Revolution Soundtrack, simply amazing!
Ok apparently my profile is Malware now... What's up with this.
Killzone 2 tonight. I think yes, been in the backlog list for awhile now.
Yes on a Teen Titans run.... Really miss the original show.
*Background changes to a dark, gothic, evil looking city* Raven - "Cool" *City changes to joyous, wondrous* Raven- "can we change it back"
Well finished Singularity, about to finish Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction, then call it a night.
Has randomly appeared on Neoseeker again.
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