Hey everyone, Got this idea from Neogaf and their clear/finish 3 games per month from you backlog thread. I don't have an

Got a Wii U!! Also got Mario Kart 8, Super Mario 3D World, Nintendoland.
Wii U this Saturday! Hopefully anyway!! Ahhhhh!! I am so excited I guess I really dont know but ya stuff!!!
Getting a Wii U!! 3D Mario World, and Mario Kart 8 for a start. Going to be different going back to these style of games.
Have I really gone the whole day without playing a videogame!!?? Something is not right here. Help! Ahhhh!!
With all this immature nonsense going on with PS4 - Xbox, and pretty much every major release I am at edge with just getting WiiU/3DS bundle
I don't know what to think about Destiny... Rather I like it or not..
Trying out this Fantasy Football thing with my cuz.. Now I feel like the noob haha

I don't know if anyone here knows of The Creatures(UberHaxorNova is the more heavily viewed) or watches lets plays, but t

Code has been taken by someone. Have fun Destiny Beta.
If y'alls have a PS3 I may have a Destiny Beta code for ya if the PS4/PS3 codes are separate. I can PM if anyone wants it.
Very excited for MK X!
Hot weather... go away...please..
Bolt Thrower \M/
Time to escape reality with some more Demon's Souls tonight, in a dark room with my kitty, and some Mtn Dew.
Picked up Dragon Age Origins, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, Drakengard 3, and Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 :D
Going to the game store today, need some PS3 games any recommendations?
Stay up and play Demon's Souls, or go to bed....
Damn have not been on Neoseeker for awhile, got a lot of updating to do.
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