Welcome to my Neohome, Here i'm gonna be posting about my friends and a few other stuff.


Used to be called Pichulover1982, now PichuRules is my favourite friend tied with Princess Midna, he intrests me with ideas on the "Make your Own Event Matches Thread and makes up some great stuff to say on the Blooper Thread, we PM about random things but mostly about Brawl, every once in a while we play some Brawl,

Princess Midna
Princess Midna was one of my first neofriends and was such a great person to talk to! 50% of my PMs are from her and we love to talk about random things, she helps me out with plenty of stuff, She is my best Neofriend tied with Pichulover1982,

My Apocalypse
My Apocalypse is my funnist friend on Neoseeker, when we PM eachover she usallys tries to put a good ol laugh in it! She is a Superb graphics maker and sometimes makes a awesome banner for me! But she hasn't been on Neo as much as she used too now,



My Life on Neoseeker started started around July 29th, I was posting as a guest called "Quill", i was pretty bad with the rules and infact i didn't know the forum had rules, i just posted hoping for a reply, The forum i firsted posted in was the Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker forum, on July 31st i registered and became a member called "Quill9", I met one of my Best Neofriends here who is "Princess Midna" also here i found out there were more forums of games i had so i started to visit the Super Smash Bros Melee forum and there i met "Pichulover1982", we didn't talk much then but after a while i found the "Never Ending Wind Waker Story" Thread on the Wind Waker Forum and I loved the idea of it, The First Thread has reached thirty pages so i made a new one, I met a new friend called "My Apocalypse" on the story, we became good friends then, Neo life was pretty much like that for a while and i also got some new forums to go to like Super Smash Bros Brawl, In March i left then came back in Aprill and continued to post on different favourite forums, i have now tons of friends and Neo Life is just awesome for me, Ive started to speak with "Pichulover1982" more and ive also talked to alot of people, I then decided to make a new account called "Komali" because i was bored of the name Quill9