Komali blogged
Feb 4, 09 4:42am

Never relised I haven't made a blog post at all yet. Anyway welcome to my Blog (I guess).

I will probley right random old stuff here. At least I did something today to write about.

Today was a Snow Day, its probley a Snow Day were you live right now. It was about two hours before I posted this when it happened. Me and my Cousin were hiding and gathering snowballs to throw at my Cousin's Mother and Father. My Mother even joined in to get back as she got like ten snowballs hit at her yesterday by my cousin's father. So they got back, My cousin shouted to go. We went but his brother, came round the road with snowballs and started chucking them at us. He said before the event he wouldn't do anything but he did, he went through the back out across the road to the front. I fell over (STUPID ICE) and when I went in back into the house I was frezing like mad.

I was hell funny though.

other rivet gun big daddy snowball fight fun mother cousin

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