Archimonde_STG Kokoro
Oct 23, 08 12:33pm
Yeah, you've been stamped by a free pirate-angel-demon-lord-knight-king-persian-ninja-elite-guard, and there is no bigger honour than this really!

But really how does it feel to be signed by such a person? Aye?
Distortion Kokoro
Oct 23, 08 3:56am
^ Title

Hey man, I noticed my previous signing is still on this page, lol.

Well, time for another, anyway, yar.

Peace out, man. And tone down the crazy, you're scaring teh childrenz.
The Omega Kokoro
Oct 21, 08 1:07am
Hurt: RikkuLover
Heal: Kokoro

Sorry, I just had to do it

Jackal_Man Kokoro
Oct 21, 08 12:35am
you are one hell of a freak... keep up the good work

Watch the shadows for they may be watching you, Enter the Darkness
TurMoiL911 Kokoro
Oct 20, 08 5:14am


Liliana Kokoro
Oct 12, 08 6:29am

Hey Hey! Just dropping a Guestbook signing because your a very valuable friend.

Thanks for the signing you gave to me. <3
simomatic Kokoro
Oct 1, 08 4:53am
Meh...just meh...I totally remember you from them old days. You used to be Rikkulover.

Course a I'm signing know for stuff. I mean yeah, I know you somewhat.


Braden Kokoro
Aug 30, 08 7:45pm

Since your write in violet, my stamp will also have a violet theme.
Chris717 Kokoro
Jul 16, 08 8:29pm
Sorry it took so long i have been on work experience so i was really busy. Anyway, here is you sexy stamp.
Aether Kokoro
May 18, 08 5:32pm
You won the Melee Awards!

♥ AE ♥
Distortion Kokoro
Apr 20, 08 1:49am
Haven't signed since I came back. Nice to see you again, man.

So, we need to Brawl sometime or something. I need to whup some member ass like now. See you on Neo and MSN.

Keep in touch, yeah?
Kinetic Kokoro
Apr 19, 08 5:02am
Hello, Kokoro. Just returning the favor of you signing my guestbook. =)

You're a real cool dude. I enjoy our conversations.

Maybe we can play Brawl with each other soon! ^-^

Well, enjoy a sexy stamp!

Skaterstar57 Kokoro
Apr 13, 08 11:45pm
Hey, Kokoro, thanks for signing my GB and welcome me back! =) Means a lot to me. It's been great talking to you on MSN lately--I'm glad I've gotten to know you and be your friend. ^^

Well, I don't really have a stamp, either--so I guess both of your signings will be stampless! XDXD Hah, but it's all good. Hope to keep talking to's been great! =D



~ Laurel
segaman Kokoro
Feb 7, 08 10:05pm
Hey, I hope you like this stamp, buddy!

Stitch Kokoro
Jan 17, 08 9:43pm
Yup, I'm totally obsessed with Stitch.
And thanks for Signing my guestbook.

Mahalo And Aloha!
Have a nice day!
Enigma Kokoro
Jan 13, 08 10:57pm
Congrats on being selected as one of the winners of Enigma's raffle. Here is the stamp that comes with the prize. Enjoy!


tidus04 Kokoro
Dec 26, 07 12:08am

Hope you have a good one!
Xinnor Kokoro
Dec 24, 07 7:35am
Wow, one of the smarter people on the forums, no doubt! Alot of people come on here... "Hi, Id like to ask a million questions I already know the answer to, just to prove my stupidity!" But your like... Smart. I always see you on the forums, and you usually do that thing that a moderator would do... No, not closing forums down, telling people the answer of their question. Any Forum, Any Time! Wow, A long thing, Eh? Gosh, I didn't know I COULD Type so much... Sorry for the little spam like stuff at the end.

Anyway, Your Awesome, From Xinnor
Quierta Kokoro
Dec 24, 07 6:23am
UGH, I planned on sending these out on Christmas but I just couldn't wait any longer XD

I don't care what they say. You're not weird, just misunderstood ^_~

Thanks for taking the time to talk to me. Have an awesome holiday <3


Taki Kokoro
Dec 23, 07 7:04pm
For signing my guestbook. Happy holidays and merry Christmas. ^^,

Fluidity Kokoro
Dec 23, 07 3:07am
Have a good one, Kokoro!

Red197 Kokoro
Dec 22, 07 8:35pm
I signed your *bleep*in' guestbook. tatatatatatatatatatat atattatatatatt atatattatattatattatatattatattat atattatatattatatattatatatatta tatattatatattatatatattatatatta tatattattattatattatattatatatt atatattataatattataata Yippie Kay Yay Mother *bleep*er!tatatatataatata tatatatatatat (I have to put 125 letters)tatatatatatatatatatataata tablowjobtatatatatatatatata tatatatatatatatatatatat atattatatattatatatatttatattatat
Devils Demon Kokoro
Dec 20, 07 11:43pm
And here is your last Stamp.

Thanks for playing.

Damn character limit.
Mnmfan Kokoro
Dec 20, 07 11:42pm
It seems I skipped 2 Stamps. Sorry.

Here is your 5th Stamp.

One more to come.

Mnmfan Kokoro
Dec 20, 07 11:40pm
And your final stamp.

The offer has ended thanks for playing.
Merry Xmas and happy new year.