I currently have an Associate of Science degree in CEET (Computer & Electronic Engineering Technology). I am in the process of obtaining my Bachelors.. woot!

I enjoy joking around and make others laugh. Feel free to insult (jokingly) or criticize my comments or thoughts... it is all in good fun!

I am a pretty avid gamer but there has been sort of a dry spell lately after completing and putting away InFamous. Cmon Bethsoft!

Feel free to email me if you have any electronic troubleshooting questions (as I am sure I am not the only techy on here), challenge me on any of the above games, or to just drop a line!

Be safe and happy gaming all!


Fallout 3
Killzone 2
Civilization: Revolutions

I like to build circuit boards and design circuit boards. I also just like tinkering with various electronics... enhancing them or just plain doin' surgery!


"The early bird gets the worm... the second mouse gets the cheese."

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