King Chaz Kogara
Jun 06, 09 1:59am

Some chocolately goodness by some chocolately goodness lul i make jokez. =P


I really do hope you have/had a good one, and also hope you have a good flight today and touchdown in the land where the girls will go mental for you.

I would've liked it to be one of those cakes with someone popping out so here it is:


Dont get too excited lol =P

Remember to pop in on msn from time to time. And visit the UK again and again. =D

Will miss you.


King Chaz Kogara
Mar 12, 09 1:15am

The Greatest of the greats right here.

Ohi Vik babez!!!!

Met this guy in the Canvas Clan and we just talked, talked, had sexual references and talked some more.

Don't know what else to say cause you probably know me too well to know what I'll say anyway. =S

Chat to ya on MSN. =D

BadWolf Kogara
Feb 19, 09 5:58pm
OHI! I'ma stamping people with my new stamp. Just to say ummm... Hi... Filling up character length here. =D