Koga shared a forum thread
Jun 10, 15 10:02pm

DICE are working with Black Horse Comics to release, well, a comic. It'll be about the events leading up to Catalyst,

Koga shared a forum thread
Jun 09, 15 6:20pm

--Quote-- Hello everyone, Two years ago we revealed that we were making a new Mirror’s Edge™. Last year, we ga

Mar 09, 15 6:49pm
Dash vaults for days,
Feb 25, 15 4:27pm
Knee injury, no training for a few days, just vidya.
Feb 19, 15 6:13pm
Red Bull in my system, finna try a Mirror's Edge speedrun.
Feb 13, 15 1:45am
It G Ma
Dec 27, 14 6:33pm
Back on my Mirror's Edge obsession.
Koga shared a forum thread
Dec 15, 14 7:09am

Link: https://www.change.org/p/ea-games-remove-anita-sarkeesian-from-mirror-s-edge-2-game-development "We are not aga

Dec 15, 14 6:16am
Wrath of Sparta soon, lads.
Koga shared a forum thread
Nov 28, 14 2:40am

Where the *bleep* did the wormhole come from in the first place? It was explained that the enigmatic "they" put it

Nov 07, 14 3:01am
Watching Merantau (again).
Oct 26, 14 11:26pm
Merantau is too good of a film. Everyone needs to watch it.
Koga shared a forum thread
Oct 25, 14 5:03pm

I was playing Skyrim a bit earlier, and I suddenly had a thought... How come horseback combat is so shit? I never reall

Oct 17, 14 1:34am
Any of you Neo members into Airsoft?
Sep 23, 14 1:23am
Got the name change down. Feels good to give something back to Neoseeker (in the form of 10 bucks). Plus I'm rid of that '1' in my name.
Sep 20, 14 11:56pm
APB Reloaded, learn to balance teams please.
Sep 16, 14 12:50pm
A bottle'a rum to fill me tum.
Sep 02, 14 11:53pm
Any CS:GO players want an AWP Asiimov in exchange for a Karambit?
Sep 01, 14 11:27pm
You play Forza Horizon correctly when the car you just upgraded actually scares you a bit.
Jul 26, 14 3:17am
I've missed ya, Neoseeker.

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