Hey i recently bought pokemon puzzler league for nintendo 64... and i want to play 2 player so i go to 2 player stadium then to Vs and then when me and my friend pick our guys and stuff its all fine then we go to start the game and as soon as it starts the computer automatically takes over for player 2 and we cant play... I dont know what 2 do and i was wondering if you could help!! Please Help
Thanks Alot T
Hi Koenma!XD Thansh for replying to my art thread. Your art is cool! And now...without further ado...You have been stamped by Chocobeth!

Hi, I hope you haven't forgotten who I am
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Yeah, I'm alive ^^
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So,~~~ you're an interesting-sounding person, seem nice, and you have great artwork. Reason enough for a stamp! X3

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You hadn`t got a guestbook signing in months! So I`ll give you a stamp!

Hey, thanks for telling me to edit those posts in the ToS forum. I never read rules and never would have known.

May all your Christmas wishes come true!!

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