I'm looking for these items:  Gemini Closet  Cancer table  Leo Sculpture Virgo Harp Libra Scale Sc

Hey guys. No joke - I'd like to buy the towel that a villager gives you during the April Fool's celebration. I meant

Just a regular orderable item from Able Sister's. :) name your price!

Hey guys! I'm looking for the Hagoita that was recently released in Europe. I have a few million bells if you'd like

Hello! I'm looking to complete my snowman set. I need: Snowman Snowman carpet Snowman chair Snowman sofa Snowman

I just need 1 of each. I was thinking 100,000 bells each, but I'm willing to negotiate :) If you're looking for an it

If you're interested just comment or PM with your friend code. No tips required. I was able to get both for free so I

I read on a few websites that NA gets the Pile of Leaves and EU gets a Flamenco Hat, and both are order able. I'm looking

25,000 bells each. Comment or PM :) Friend code is in my signature.

I mostly want a Tiara Hair so I can complete my She-Ra outfit (just found an AWESOME QR code for one lol) If you have othe

I have the full sloppy set. Willing to trade any piece of it for any piece of cardboard. I also have bells and DLC/rares:

Who wants her? My friend code is: 4570-7661-8347 Character: Katrina

Buying Jester Pants! Here's an image of the item: http://moridb.com/items/bottoms/jester-pants I will also trade y

I only need 23 more visits to unlock my train station remodel :D to get the last few visits I'm giving away items. I only

Buying this item: http://moridb.com/items/search?category=&q=dolly&obtained=&interior=&fashion= for 25

I'm looking to buy this item: http://moridb.com/items/furniture/dolly I'm willing to pay up to 25k for it. I al

If you want bells, just name your price. :) If you want items, I've listed what I have below. I'm happy to trade

These are the last items I need to complete my fossils. :D If you're willing to sell please leave me a comment or PM me w

I've got two golden watering cans for sale. I'm asking for 750,000 bells each. I will also accept trades (make an off

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