Smiffers Knukles Da Echidna
Oct 30, 08 10:44pm


Do you know how much I hate that *bleep*ing character limit? Sorry.
Jediblue Knukles Da Echidna
Oct 13, 08 1:44am
Hey Knux, you are a Awesome Moderator. I just got this Stamp.

Lost in Azure Knukles Da Echidna
Sep 21, 08 7:28pm
Bruce you deserve a stamp for all your hard work. Your an awesome Mod. =D

Keep up the great work and if you never need inspiration look at these monkeys! ^^
Smiffers Knukles Da Echidna
Sep 07, 08 3:53am

Exactly as it says, your an awesome guy (Y) One of my best mates on neo and MSN. ;D

Spiritual Knukles Da Echidna
Sep 07, 08 3:50am

Thanks for your stamp, it rocked! I had made a stamp I was going to stamp you in a month with, but why not just give it to you now ?

You rock by the way!
Smiffers Knukles Da Echidna
Aug 06, 08 5:57am

Spiritual Knukles Da Echidna
Aug 01, 08 11:30pm
Congratulations on getting your first moderator spot! I'm sure that you will do a great job moderating Animal Crossing: City Folk ^___^

Tozaki Knukles Da Echidna
Jun 07, 08 10:35am
Just going on a stamping spree as i've got a new stamp

Cya on the forum
DCRage Knukles Da Echidna
Jun 10, 05 7:01pm
Well, guess since I'm your Neo-Brother now I might as well sign your GB wihle I'm at it! Now just find a stamp and...ah, here's one:

See you around, dude.
Satokasu Suki Knukles Da Echidna
Jun 04, 05 1:56am
Hey! You were the fourth person to sign my guestbook and I was the third to sign yours - I guess we're both old!

Really though, I think it's cool how we've been friends and kept in contact for such a long time.

That's an awesome chain chomp stamp, by the way!

No problem for PMing you - thanks for PMing me too. ^^ Let's keep in contact!
Satokasu Suki Knukles Da Echidna
Jan 02, 05 8:07pm

Hope you had a nice Christmas! All the best for '05. ^_^
Giga Bowser Knukles Da Echidna
Dec 24, 04 8:16am
Well thanks for signing my guestbook. You're a funny guy! I am going to sign your guestbook in return now what....... .......... ........................uh......... .. ..........................bye!
Guidez Wizard Knukles Da Echidna
Jun 17, 04 12:18am
Hey, thanks a lot for signing my guestbook. I see you a lot in paper mario forum. I hope you will stay on Neoseeker.

Distortion Knukles Da Echidna
Jun 16, 04 9:46pm
Hey. I've seen yaz around the Paper Mario forums, and I hope to see you around even more. Well, keep on keepin' on!


todd22 Knukles Da Echidna
Mar 03, 04 6:14am
Hey thanks for signing my guestbook so in return i'll sign yours. I don't think I know you but like you said you never know.
Key zer Knukles Da Echidna
Dec 19, 03 10:06am

Have a Proper Crimbo (selecta)
Fiirestorm Knukles Da Echidna
Nov 15, 03 7:43pm

Sign mine now

-Firestorm Almighty

perfect chaos Knukles Da Echidna
Oct 12, 03 6:50am
hi knuckel's i wanted to thank you for helping me out all the times you did bye.

Ladone Knukles Da Echidna
Oct 10, 03 9:58pm
Hi, fellow Larry Koopa fan.

Keep on going to Lemmys Land and get more votes, i'll catch up with ya one day.

see ya.

toku Knukles Da Echidna
Oct 05, 03 8:38pm
yo again so are there any role playing games you like like final fantasy, chrono trigger, the bouncer(even though that is not an role playing game), tales of destiney one or two or maybe both, grandia, grandia II, grandia xtreme, phantasy star online, dot hack, dark cloud, dark cloud 2 or anything i didn't say jus' let me know.
edddy_009 Knukles Da Echidna
Oct 02, 03 11:45pm
jeje. i havent very good eyesight when typing. anyway. see ya later!!
edddy_009 Knukles Da Echidna
Oct 01, 03 12:41am
hi knux
em.. sorry for not signing in your guestbook before but i didnt know what to type.
so now ill yell ya now :: howdy battle partner!!

and see ya in da sonic heroes forum

2Tails Knukles Da Echidna
Sep 27, 03 6:24pm
Ok, well so far so good, you guessed Waluigi.
Here's your next clue go to this member's guestbook who you think is the correct club character:

"coopertaive; has been known to be a track-fan and play golf. On the filpside, this character was an organized bank owner"
Mr Sponget Knukles Da Echidna
Sep 23, 03 3:19pm
Hi there you might like Tails but,I'm giving you guestbook stamp of him
Thank you for signing our guest book. and for the nice greeting. i hope we can be good online pals. oh and nice pic.