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Aug 25, 09 3:42am


For some reason, I just don't think it gets the credit it deserves. The original game was just so great compared to other games of it's time. Even the name was too cool for games in that decade.

It's Debut was what I consider one of the best. When you think of huge gaming franchises that have been around, the debut's hardly compare. Mario came with Donkey Kong, hopping over Barrels, fun. GTA, it was basically like any free racing flash game that you can find anywhere on the internet. But Metroid... The game was epic. Going through space, using a number of differant weapons and upgrades to make your way through, the variety in the bosses, from Huge Dinosaur like monsters to the Mother Brain. Mario Bros. didn't have that now, did they.

It's transformation into Metroid Prime is almost unbelievable, seeing the whole entire world the way Samus would see it. Maybe with some types of online multiplayer, it could be even better.

For series that should be better appreciated, I'd say Metroid should be one of them.

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Aug 23, 09 5:55am

Summer's so boring. I hate it.

Everyone's too busy with vacation, camp, and it's just too hot to do anything. Guess that's why now's when I use Neoseeker and Video Games the most, since there's nothing else to do.

I can't wait for fall, even for School. Homework will be a pain this year, but it's worth seeing friends every single day. I have some habits to work on. I'm a huge procrastinator. Almost all of my homework was done the class before. I have to fix that. I'll do some at lunch, and then finish the rest right when I get home. School will be a lot less stressful. I'll understand the concepts easier, and will get even better scores.

Music is what cures my boredom the most, if all else fails. Nothing better then the work of music to fuel one's imagination. Right now, I'm preferring Alice in Chains and the Smashing Pumpkins over everything. Just lightens me up more then the rest of the songs.

Can't wait for Open Gym. Work, Money, Friends are always there, start coaching, the winter's what I always look up for. Great Group of kids this year. We've seen what they're capable of through scrimmages, some of them even played up. Things will go our town's way this year, I'm sure of it.

As for short term, I have to start fundraising for the Cancer Walk. A friend invited us, and I love charity walks. Nothing else can make you feel like you're helping out as much as them. I've done the 20 mile walk for hunger. not sure if I can go for 26 in this one, so we'll do the 13 mile course.

Charity Walks are great because...

1. It's great exercise
2. It's for a greater cause.
3. What a bonding experience. You can't get much closer after going through 20+ miles of suffering.
4. Traveling to the city. I love Boston, such a nice city, great to explore, every day is something new.
5. Meeting new people. There's hundreds of thousands there. Why not make a new friend?

That's enough for today's entry. It's 5 minutes until midnight and I'm tired. I'm out.

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Aug 21, 09 2:32pm

Blogging had never really appealed to me before, but I figured I'd give it a try. I figured I love my life and can't find anything to hate about it, so why not share it with the world.

Well, there's not much to me. I'm 16, male. I don't seem very outgoing, I'm more reserved, but when I have goals, I always strive for excellence.

I'm extremely purist, and I like being that way. I don't see the point in consumption of alcoholic drinks, smoking, drugs, any of that stuff, and I don't wish to be. It's just a burden for health and finance, so I'm not getting into it.

What I am into, Rock Music, Sports, Video Games, and Traveling.

Just yesterday, I came across a game for the DS (Sorry, I'm a Nintendo Freak), My Japanese Coach. I thought, How cool would it be to learn another new language through my own time. 2 hours later, I already know more than 50 words, I'm a quick learner, memorization is my skill.

I would actually recommend these games to anyone. Their easy, their helpful, and can help you in the long run in job applications. Much better learning more languages then less.

Pretty soon, I'll be able to watch Ninja Warrior and be able to see what the announcer truely is saying. Who knows, if I'm ever on the Amazing Race and go to Japan, we'll be a step ahead of the game.

Just to end it out, I'm just happy about where I am in life, and I can't to see where everything takes me.

Knukles Da Echidna
Oct 12, 04 7:19am
I Don't think I will EVER give it away, so don't ask! DonkeyKonga
Knukles Da Echidna
Jun 16, 04 10:51am
My favorite game of all time, so far PaperMario

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