Stampage for you:

See you later.
Take care:
...heh, thanks a bunch.
I hope it doesn't look like i'm taking you for granted or anything, because i'm not.
I have almost completely lost the will to reply to PM's lately.
I guess it's mainly Laziness, which is wierd because I would have reacted very happily to a PM when I first it just seems like another daunting task.
But anyway enough about that, thanks for signing again. I love the Stamp! It looks really cool!

Pah. Sorry about all that. I have a tendancy of not knowing when to quit sometimes.
Later man.
And thanks for being my Neofriend.
I hope, in return, I can be a good Neofriend to you.

Happy birthday Knightmare Zero
I even made you a cake:

Enjoy your birthday today
You watch Gintama? Well, then.

Truly worthy of a Hijikata stamp.
Heh, you're very talented in the world of Pokemon. I admit, you're very VERY good. I guess I should think more about Tactics and less about Sweepers.
Thanks for being a great Friend yourself.

Although, i'm not a good friend.
Trust me, you can be assured of that.

See you Later. Thank you for everythin'