Taki Knightmare Chaotix
Sep 30, 15 6:47pm
hi heavy metal dude <3
Knightmare Chaotix
Nov 13, 12 7:28am
orez likes manmeat.
Knightmare Chaotix
Jul 1, 11 9:18am
Interests...? What -are- my interests?
Knightmare Chaotix
Jun 10, 11 1:15am
Knightmare Chaotix
Dec 31, 10 6:38pm
Changed his profile? Oh my goooooooooooooooooood. *apocalypse*
Knightmare Chaotix
Dec 31, 10 6:24pm
Pretty much poofed.
Knightmare Chaotix
Sep 3, 09 9:54am
says: "Monsutā Kaado!"
Knightmare Chaotix
Aug 2, 09 9:01pm
Knightmare Chaotix
Jul 30, 09 9:37am
I'm starin' at the man in the mirror. Sexy mofo.
Knightmare Chaotix blogged
May 22, 09 7:08pm

I've been a bit behind on this, haven't I? XD I'm gonna blame my shitty sleep schedule for that, which I need to fix.

I've recently gotten back into Yu-Gi-Oh!. Heavily. ._. And I realized that my favorite card evar, one that I had for liek 4 years: The Dark Magician Girl, has gone missing. D: I have my more brutal cards, but not my fave. ;-; Depressing, amirite?

To condone no lyrics in a while, a work from two months ago...

Which I forget the basis for the lyrics. Let's see if someone can peek into my mind and figure out wtf I was righting about. XD

My mind, let loose.
A raging firestorm.
Death, destruction.
And all will then form.

That which I hide.
That which they seek.
The one I hate,
The one they'll meet.
I've lost myself;
I'm gone for good.
There's a new man
In this neighborhood.

As I let it go;
That which I lack.
They'll hate me now,
I can never go back.

That which I hide.
That which they seek.
The one I hate,
The one they'll meet.
I've lost myself;
I'm gone for good.
There's a new man
In this neighborhood.

Now where is death,
When I want him most?
I want him here,
That holy ghost.

They know me not;
They never will.
I hate them all;
New blood will spill.

That which I hide.
That which they seek.
The one I hate,
The one they'll meet.
I've lost myself;
I'm gone for good.
There's a new man
In this neighborhood.

Go *bleep* yourselves, you selfish pricks.
Just go back home and suck your dicks.
You dirty apes, you filthy curs.
Sit on your couch, contemplate these words.
You do not help, you only harm.
You'll realize this with much alarm.
Work for your pay, don't sit and beg.
I speak the truth, I'm not pulling your leg.

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Knightmare Chaotix blogged
Apr 24, 09 12:09am

K. I've been really pissed off lately for many reasons. Mainly because of the idiocy of the human race. If you take offense to rage comments towards religion, bigotry, conspiracy theories, intended mediocrity, or general idiocy, I suggest you stop reading now. :3

First off, bigots. They need to learn to accept the brutal fact that people are DIFFERENT. And some people need to realize that making up bullshit excuses for bigotry is so easily seen through. Like one example, I saw some asshole saying that blacks aren't human. I didn't know whether to laugh, cry, or facepalm.

Religious bigots, oh my. I love these people. I just love how they hide behind the words of others long since passed to give them an excuse to consider themselves superior. I also love how it's usually Christians who do this. Now, some of my family is Christian, and they're rather cool. These douches give the polite religious people a horrible name. They spread lies, deceit, and supremacy and use Jesus as a mascot. They're generally just crafting a personal little Hell on Earth, thinking that they'll go to Heaven because they believe in some dude who by the words of their own book of religion was disgraced? He is ultimately accepted to have donned long hair. Do correct me if I'm wrong, though.

"Does not the very nature of things teach you that if a man has long hair, it is a disgrace to him?"
~1 Corinthians 11:14

God, how people are fooled in these days. No offense intended to religious people (although, I know at least SOMEONE will), but organized religion is a monetary tool in the modern age. Churches don't give a *bleep* about what you believe, as long as they continue to make money without having to pay taxes. I have nothing against the fact that people believe what they believe, but I do have a problem with the fact that people allow themselves to be used by their religion. However, those who blindly and mindlessly follow a religion deserve to be used. If they lack the simple processes of being able to think for one's self, they're helpless in my eyes.

People use their religion as a moral code, but they pick and choose. The thing is, religious moral code and modern ethics conflict in multiple areas. Slavery, murder, and intolerance for example. Religions preach sexism, homophobia and racism. As far as I see it, following religion word for word is just as bad as Nazism. There aren't many, if any moral differences. We need to stop using religion as an excuse for hatred and intolerance. It's no longer a legitimate excuse, yet we continue to accept it.

Now, conspiracy theories, the Illuminati, and the New World Order. These are some of my favorite subjects because it shows that people just can't live with what's put in front of them. God forbid, things are actually as they seem to be. Things would just be too *bleep*ing simple, wouldn't they? 'Cause without insane ideas, this world is just too usual and boring, huh? I don't see why things just can't be simple in the mind of these conspiracy theorists. KFC making black men impotent. British Royal Family are actually reptilian aliens from the core of the earth. Bar codes are used to control people. 9/11 was orchestrated by the U.S. government. U.S. government faked landing on the moon. Such creative imaginations! And now, the Illuminati. Why the *bleep* would an organization who wants to remain secret leave CLUES to their existence? Are they imbeciles, like the people who came up with this crazy idea? Do some research, guys. The Illuminati disbanded in the 18th century. They were a real organization, but they did not plan to take over the world. That's MY job. =P

The idiots who came up with that have some real creativity. However, creativity does not remedy stupidity. The genetic intelligence of the world just might improve if we could stop letting these idiots breed and spread their plague of foul nonsense to the masses. This is a reason I really see humanity as a doomed race. Our masses are blind and stupid. Our minority of intelligence is not enough for a thriving race.

Due to this lack of intelligence, people give up on their dreams when they hit a difficult point. They're okay where they are and they lower their dreams to fit their range of ability. Uhhh... Aren't the point of aspirations to make you work harder? To better yourself so that you can achieve them? Too many people have goals of mediocrity. More people need inspiration to attempt to be influential and inspiring. Yes, we need mindless drones to do the physical labor. Some people ENJOY doing that, so that becomes what they aspire to. One should always strive for their dreams, no matter how outrageous or difficult the path to achieving it is.

Oh, but on a much more positive note, as of yesterday I've been with my girl for two months without totally *bleep*ing up. =D <333

EDIT: I added a link to an example of some asshole saying that blacks aren't human, just in case you want to read for yourself.

Knightmare Chaotix blogged
Apr 9, 09 9:36am

My mind tends to run a lot. So, I'll probably use this exact post for my questions, and add in the answers as I find them. Share the knowledge, right? :3 No point in keeping this knowledge to myself. That's just rude and helps no one else.

Q: Does mood affect your sleep?
A: From what I've discussed and PERSONALLY felt, as well as others, yes. Mood affects sleep. If you're happy when you go to bed, you will almost surely sleep better.

Q: What makes the use of drugs enjoyable?

Q: What type of mattress is best for intercourse?
Knightmare Chaotix blogged
Mar 21, 09 4:38am

I have decided that I need to leave not only Neoseeker, but MSN as well. I seriously need this break. My life is nearly the epitome of FAIL. I've fallen behind in school, I have almost no confidence or self-esteem, people might go to jail because of me even! I need to set my life straight. =\

I'm not exactly sure how much I'll be missed when I leave, but I'll surely try to get all of this going right as soon as possible. ^^ No guarantees, though. I'll be disappearing on the 23rd.

Oh, and to add, I need to get into better sleeping habits. In the past 96 hours, I've slept approximately 19 hours, as opposed to the proper minimum of 32 hours for that time period.

EDIT: Okay. So I won't be leaving ENTIRELY. I'll feel too bad, 'cause I won't be on much tomorrow. >>' It'll be rare to see me on during the day, most likely.
Knightmare Chaotix blogged
Mar 15, 09 1:51am

My computer *bleep*ed me over today. D=

But ehh. I may be getting a laptop relatively soon because of it. :33

The touchpad thing throws me off, though. D=

This next song was written after 'Vanity' which is in my profile. :3

I sit alone, considering my purpose
I hear a noise, I turn around and I see

A second figure, it spoke.

"I am your pain
I am your misfortune
I am your heart
Dark as night.
You are weak
You are shallow
You are pitiful
Try to change

You. Can't. Change."

I consider the words, was this spirit a fraud?
Is it like the other, I may never know.

I sat alone, and thought.

It is my pain
It is my misfortune
It is my heart
Black as coal
I won't be weak
I won't be shallow
I won't be pitiful
I won't change...

I. Can't. Change.

I sit, I mope, I do not but think. I try to comprehend but I just fail.

Why is this world never truly fair? I guess it is because humans are frail.

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Knightmare Chaotix blogged
Mar 12, 09 10:39pm

Being the music lover that I am, I ran across something to day. It's old, but mystifying nonetheless.

I never listened to some of the tracks on Tool's "10,000 Days" album until yesterday. Specifically, Viginti Tres. It creeps me the *bleep* out. I looked up lyrics on it today and read some of the comments, saying about how 23, being the number of synchronicity, flows with the two parts of Wings for Marie. I also heard that if it's played simultaneously with Part 2, while following Part 1, it plays perfectly.

I decided to have some fun with Audacity. I combined the three songs in two different ways. The scary thing? Both versions sound AMAZING. .___.

I'm still in awe.

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Knightmare Chaotix blogged
Mar 11, 09 11:00am

I've encountered two that I absolutely adore.

"I've got a *bleep* that'll rip through the very fabric of time."
~Conjugal Burns - The Mars Volta

"Just put your backs to the wall and I'm *bleep*in' on a static churro."
~Falling Jimmy - Maximum The Hormone

I'll probably edit this blog post as I find other epic ones. :33

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Knightmare Chaotix blogged
Mar 10, 09 9:00pm

I've fallen behind on this. xD

Because I know you're all sooo interested in my lyrics.

Here's another early work of mine. ;D

Life goes on, a never ending wheel. Made of hate, tears, pain and anguish.

This is my final plea
Get me off this roller coaster
End this misery of mine
This is my final plea
Just stop *bleep*ing with my head
I've had enough of life

What the *bleep*, I never asked for this. Why must I, deal with my parents' selfishness?

This is my final plea
Get me off this roller coaster
End this misery of mine
This is my final plea
Just stop *bleep*ing with my head
I've had enough of life

End this insanity
End this life
End this torture, end it all.

Begin without me
Begin anew
Forget it now, let it fall.

music musingsthoughts
Knightmare Chaotix blogged
Feb 24, 09 9:34pm

Hoorah. Two blog posts in one day. =P

Now, I have a question for everyone. Even throw this question around if you want. I'd like to hear as many answers as possible. :3

Would you prefer a sexually active, loveless relationship, or a loving relationship with no sex?

Current numbers:
Sex: 0
Love: 7

Oh, and I realized some lyrics that fit orez, tbqh.

"I know what boys like
I know what guys want.
I know what boys like.
Boys like me."

:3 xD


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