Boom. Sup man. Thought I'd say hi while I'm thinking about it.
Taki Knightmare Chaotix
Nov 2, 12 8:39pm
You stand there with ur long black hair
Looking so fresh with ur Savoir Faire
U' ve got the coolest friends
They're up to date with the latest trends
Independent in your own world
Rock the life gurl. Rock the life gurl
The DJ starts to play underground hits from What's their name?
You're looking kind of anxious your with ur back up against the wall
Don't this kind of music make u want to move at all

Don't u walk away from me
Cuz I got to get you next 2 me
If you've got game gurl step 2 me
Lose them friends and Dance with me
Dance next 2 me, Dance next 2 me

Oh please Oh please Oh can't you see
That I got to get you b-ha-bay
To lose urself with me
I must say that you captivate
In so many ways that I can't relate
But I want to be your latest thing
For you gurl I'd do anything
I've never been attracted to a gurl that's quite like you
We've got more in common than you think. You make me move
So what you gonna do gurl
What you gonna
Gonna do
Kaiba Knightmare Chaotix
Sep 22, 12 7:20pm


Ditnopota Knightmare Chaotix
Sep 3, 12 3:05am
How could anyone like Naruto?? I mean It's just like Dragonball Z with more boring people and a stupider plot! You should try animes like Chobits or Bleach! I mean, pink hair! What a freak! Haruno Sakura must be the worst person from Naruto ever! She's so whiny and boring! The should cut her off, and work more the animation! The animation of Naruto sucks almost as much as the plotline! The boring people there make Napolean Dynamite look good! You should definately get a better taste in animes.
Taki Knightmare Chaotix
Jan 31, 11 10:41pm

You will always hold a special place in my heart. ♥
Bleeding Rose Knightmare Chaotix
Aug 23, 10 11:30am
YOU. YOU HAVE A FACE. And I love your face. :3 I also think your guest book needs more signing, yo. So here I is. SUPSUPSUP DAWG. I love thou. kbai.



Really that'd be so cooooooool. ;_;
DXD Knightmare Chaotix
May 6, 09 12:49am
Hi there, Knightmare Chaotix. It's me, DTX(now known as DXD), and I'm on a signing spree greeting all of my old NeoFriends from back in the day(namely when SSBM was the top forum of the GCN section).

You've Been...

See you later.

RHJ44 Knightmare Chaotix
Apr 25, 09 3:20am
i just thought i'd sign your guestbook, i guess i'm just, really, really bored. i don't know. but, please sign my guestbook back?
Anime Gurl Knightmare Chaotix
Mar 8, 09 11:05pm
Thanxs for chatting with me long hair boy :3
no I will never let you live that down but heres my stamp!

Use a neohome or something with a scroll box option.
Freaking freezes my comptuer. @_@


Kianna the Scandalous Panda
Bleeding Rose Knightmare Chaotix
Feb 16, 09 9:36am
How are you doing? <3
Lulz, heart after everything ftw! <3
I so *bleep*ing forgot what I was gonna type here.

...*bleep*. >> OH WAIT NEVERMIND.

HAPPY 16TH BIRTHDAY, KNIGHTY!!!! I hope you had a great birthday and enjoyed every minute of it!!!!

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear knighty,
Happy Birthday to you!

HAPPY 16TH BIRTHDAY, KNIGHTY!!!! I hope you had a great birthday and enjoyed every minute of it!!!!

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear knighty,
Happy Birthday to you!

It's been a minute, so consider this an early birthday present and/or a greeting.

Talk to you soon,
Yeah. :3

Stop stealing my dollars. I don't want to keep having to get into your pants.

I go by Michael, although it is my Middle name.

You're name is Mikey Bby. ;-;

Jk, you're cool. : D

we've been friends for, was it really only a week? so I thought I'd sign your gb.

anyway, I can always count on you, you're a nice guy that always makes me smile. I won't ever forget you, dude.
Taki Knightmare Chaotix
Feb 1, 08 6:22pm
...for not congratulate you on your b-day. You picked the best time to be "leave" Neo and MSN. I actually had your b-date in my personal massage on MSN, so I'd remember; I did too, but you just were not there.

Here's something for you;

Don't you wanna piece of that? I know you do.

Much love; Yours,

segaman Knightmare Chaotix
Jan 15, 08 9:50pm
Let me know what you think of my new stamp! I like it a lot!
segaman Knightmare Chaotix
Jan 6, 08 1:18am
Hey, I'm just runnin' around and signing people's guestbooks. How's it goin'? Have a nice day and enjoy your video games and whatever else you do for fun!

See ya later, buddy!

PS: Hit me back!
Rome Knightmare Chaotix
Dec 24, 07 6:28am

Fausta Festa Christi Natalitia!

Habe festum mirabilem!
Taki Knightmare Chaotix
Dec 23, 07 9:09pm
You're one of my very first neofriends. ;-; Thanks for notcing me in the forums when I was just a new nob. For that, I think you're a very awesome and cool guy. You're real. I've enjoyed talking to you since the day you added me on MSN. You have taught me alot to be honest and you have a very good taste in music. I now listen to rock/metal music pretty much all the time. We have argued soo many times and we are still friends. ^__^ Most of all was my fault though. I can be really rude, ignorant and weird which I am sure you're aware of.

Anywais, happy holidays and merry Christmas my friend. ^.^

luve u knightmare <3