Tales_n_Zelda_fan Knight X
Apr 9, 06 12:18am
hello umm nice yunsung pic and i like the zelos banner too did u do tht?
i r noodle Knight X
Jan 22, 06 6:38am
bowser is cool but over wrated. i consider that a big word so im going to do a victory lap around my house.stamp.

sign mine too or gaara will eat u!
luigi jean Knight X
Jan 6, 06 9:10am
Hey Knight X, I'll sign your guestbook. I can't believe, that Brazil won the last World Cup!!!!!
Defenitly good final.
Stevebeoulve2 Knight X
Jan 1, 06 12:51pm
La, La, La, La, La....

Glad to see a fellow Tekken Fan.

apple_tree_three Knight X
Oct 8, 05 12:36am
Ello! Here is my brand new Halloween stamp, enjoy!
Crusher Knight X
Sep 2, 05 11:01am

Sorry for not signing back. I'll do anything to be a moderater so I've been posting in the Conker Live and Reloaded Forum. Anyways, yep, I'll be your friend.
Comic man Knight X
Aug 27, 05 10:55pm
Ok, I've got my stamp:

Stamp back soon!
Beava Knight X
Aug 27, 05 8:20pm
I decided to stamp you because I saw your little linky thing. So why not!

Sign back ^,^

Lukas Knight X
Aug 21, 05 11:37am

Yes, I will be your Neofriend, and enjoy this stamp that took 10 minutes to make.
Comic man Knight X
Aug 6, 05 8:29am

Huff n' puff is one of the hardest bosses in paper mario. I must admit it!
DragonzRule Knight X
Aug 2, 05 7:14am
Hi!! New to...uh...what?
Um...here's a stamp...

Okay, lookat it...