As The Title Says, I Would Like To Evolve Him Into Slowking :) Any Help Would Be Greatly Appreciated! :)

Im Looking For Xerneas Yevetal Zrgarde Mewtwo Zapdos Articuno Moltres All With 6iv's I Dont Mind What Natures,

Hi Im Looking For All The Kalos Legendary Pokemon With 6iv's I Only Have Normal Shiny 6iv KB Pokemon To Trade So I Am W

Looking For A Shiny/Non Shiny 6iv Lv.1 Un-Trained Hidden Ability Mudkip

Hi I'm Looking For A Mudkip To Pass Onto My Omega Ruby Game When Its Out :) It Has To Be 6iv lv.1 Un-trained HA I Don

I have lots of KB 5-6 iv shiny pokemon and looking for gen 6 event pokes 6 IV SHINY ALL LV.1 U.T. EEVEE VULPIX CHESPIN M

looking for powersave shiny converter!

I Have These Pokemon For Trade Shiny Fletchling,lv.1,Adamant,Gale Wings,5iv -sp.atk Shiny Cyndaquil,lv.1,Timid,Blaze,5iv

For converting I have 6iv metagross 5iv blastoise 6iv raichu 6iv sceptile 6iv sylveon 5iv aegislash 6iv talonflame 5iv gard

I Have Lots Of NON Kalos Bred Shiny 6iv Pokemon Im Looking To Trade 3-4 Of Them For Just 1 Kalos Bred Shiny Pokemon (4iv'

I Have These Legendary Poke's And Shiny Poke's For Trade In No Particular Order WIN2013 Keldeo,lv.50,Modest,Justifi

I'm Back! :) Sorry I Haven't Been Around Life Stuff Ya'know ;) Anyways, This Raffle Is For PLASMA Genesect, Che

Internets cut off no giveaways/raffles until further notice sorry people! :(

Hi Im Looking For A Cloner To Clone 5 Pokemon For Me All Shiny 5iv Chimchar 5iv Fletchling 5iv Litleo 6iv Vulpix 6iv C

Hi Im Trading My 5-6iv Kalos Bred Pokemon For Other 5-6iv Kalos Bred Pokemon Inkay Adamant Contray Flawless 6iv's

Im Looking For Other Kalos Bred 5-6iv Shiny Pokemon All Pokemon Are Shiny & Kalos Bred Eevee (Male) lv.1 Timid Antic

Hi Im Looking For A Cloner With Collateral + References Or Vouches To Clone My 5-6iv Gen 6 Shiny Pokemon Wich Are Shiny 6iv

I Have These Event Pokemon For Trade Im Looking For 5-6iv Gen 6 Pokemon Only (JPN= Japanese Event Pokemon) WIN2013 Keldeo

Current Raffle - WIN2013 Keldeo What For My Next Raffle Then? Event Meloetta? Or Event Shiny Genesect?
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