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Many of you said you did...so now is your chance to prove it. :D

Official Thread

The competition will be ran in Loungin', and ported in Clothes and Fashion.

Neoseeker Modeling Competition

Welcome to the Second Official Neoseeker Modeling Competition
That’s right - the Neo Modeling Competition is back from 2008 and this time we’re packed with some exciting major changes and surprises in store![/div]

What is it?

The Neo Modeling Competition is the brain child of certain individuals involved in the Clothes and Fashion forum. It is a fusion of ideas in the ever-spanning realm of Neoseeker Competitions. What makes the Neoseeker Modeling Competition most unique is untapped personal touch that is added by the use of actual pictures of Neo Members. It puts a face behind usernames while also allowing certain members to express and show off their creativity in a way that is not often seen around the Neoseeker forums.

How is it going to work?

It has already been stated that there are going to be major changes from the original incarnation of this event. After the sign up period is over, only the select few that have demonstrated the best efforts will move on to the judging weeks of the competition. Out of however many sign up, only about 10 to 12 people will be selected. Afterwards, the judges will continue narrowing down contestants until only the Top 3 remain. The Top 3 will then have a final showdown, to where one person will finally be declared The Neo Model.


    Above all, the main purpose of this event is to have fun. If you are looking forward to taking this completely seriously, or if you are having hopes and dreams that this competition will prolong your modeling or entertainment career, you may as well get out now. However it is still a competition, so effort will be both expected and appreciated. In this incarnation, we are hoping for more creativity, effort, and expression above all. The formal aspects of modeling may be critiqued, but they are not the focus. We also do not expect for you to have perfect cameras, lighting, or equipment, however, working with what you have in a good way, is what will get you far.

    This is not a beauty contest. Don’t let the fact that you may not have an inflated ego affect your signing up. You are not and will not be judged or critiqued on your body image, size, shape, physical attractiveness, blemishes, or any of the sort---only how you decide to use it in your photograph.

    Since this incarnation of the competition will be based on more creative means, we will also be expecting for you to explain your motivations to us. With every picture submission, you will want to go into detail about your photograph. How you shot it, what, if any equipment you used, the expression you had on your face, and basically, we just want you to explain the process you used to get to your final product. While we won’t be looking for a small novel with these submissions, it will very beneficial to you, to go into good detail about them.

    Once we enter the judging rounds, your photographs will be reviewed by the judges and given a subsequent score. This score will determine your fate in the competition. Quite simply put, the person with the lowest score each week will be eliminated from the competition. Everyone else will move on to repeat the process until the Top 3.

    Judges will be scoring each week on officially defined criteria, however, this will only be revealed after the Top 10 or 12 has been selected, as this sign up period shall be used to get a grasps of your unprompted creativity.
    There will a number of themes present throughout the competition. Some of them will require you to think outside of the box, and really pull out your creative juices to work. While some will require for you to restrain and just show how well you can you can work, well, you. With the exception of the first week, Themes will be given out only up to week prior than the week that they will be due. In other words, once you know the theme, you will have about two weeks to complete it. The first week, the Top 10 or 12 will be given both the first and second theme. However, only the first theme will be due within the first week.

    Get First Two Themes >> A Week To Submit First Picture >> Judges and Review and Score >> Elimination >> Third Theme Will To Be PMed >> Second Theme Will Be Due In A Week.

    If you know a block of time before hand where meeting a deadline will be difficult to make, you can request a theme early. However, you can only do this once in the competition without consequence, and any other time afterwards will result in a penalty. An extension may be granted, but only under dire circumstances, as it delays the entire competition.


*Missing a deadline will result in automatic disqualification from the competition. It will always be a best bet to submit something before you submit nothing at all.

*Photoshopping will be allowed. In some weeks, if may even be needed. If you decide to photoshop, make sure to send your original picture along with the edited file. If you need help photoshoping you can always PM Klope62 with instructions, or visit the Graphics and Animation forum.

*Don't be a nerp. Judges will be critiquing your photographs. This is something that will not change throughout the entire course of the competition. It will always be fine to disagree with what the judges think, but do not get annoying with it. Once posted, decisions will be final, so there will be little point. Also, you must keep in mind that you are not your photograph, so don't take negative comments to heart.

*You can continue submitting photographs until the time and date the photo is due.

*Respect your fellow participants and competitors, please.

*You are more than welcomed to go to others to get feedback about your photographs before you submit. The exception being, any of the judges.

*Photographs taken prior to the competition may be used and submitted, however this is not encouraged for a variety of reasons. Overall, the ultimate judgment will be left up to you.

*Unless otherwise stated, you may not submit a photograph that has already been submitted and judged during a week in the competition, even if you believe that same photograph fits another theme.

*We know that accidents can happen, so if something happens where you are no able longer take a photograph, please let us know. We will try our best to work with you. Do not ever just skip a submission, unless you are just ready to eliminate yourself.

*And of course, have fun!

Some things to know.

*This is not a beauty contest.
*This is not a beauty contest.
*This is not a beauty contest.
*This is not a popularity contest.
*This is not a beauty contest.
*Depending on the response, up to 14 people may enter the judging rounds.
*Since drop outs are expected, back up entrants will be selected. You will be notified if you are a backup.
*During the judging rounds, if there is somehow a tie, judges will make the final decision about who will be eliminated from the competition. Prior work will be taken into consideration, as well as the overall effort and esteem presented in the competition.
*Scores will not accumulate, so do not assume you are safe. Always bring your A-game each week.
*A prize, or prizes for the winner will be discussed.

Who are your judges?


And we are looking for one more. Look in the sign up section for more information!

Sign Ups

Who can sign up?

  • Any Neoseeker Member with the ability to take a photograph, PM, and have a creative drive!

    What to do?


  • Make sure that you have read all of the rules and prior information.
  • PM Neo Model Agent
  • Title "Sign-up"
  • Include a explanation of why you should be apart of this competition. Also tell a bit about yourself, include whatever you are comfortable with, and just use this as an opportunity to let the judges get to know you.
  • Probably the most important part, take a photograph of yourself that clearly shows you and your username in some way. This photograph will be used for authentication and identification, but also it will be the first chance for you to show off your creativity and effort, as it will directly be what determines if or if not you make it into the Top 10 or 12. So give some thought, make it good, and really impress the judges!

    Judge/Guest Judge

  • Make sure that you have read all of the rules and prior information.
  • PM Neo Model Agent
  • Title "Judge"
  • Include a explanation of what qualifies you to be a judge for the Neoseeker Modeling Competition. Also tell a bit about yourself. Be sure to mention any competitions or events that you have been apart of, and/or any significant contributions you have made to Neoseeker.
  • Take a good look at this photograph.
  • Include your example on how you would ideally critique it. Use whatever approach you think will be best.
  • One permanent judge will be selected, while the pool of entrants may be asked to guest judge during the course of the competition.

    **If you are interested in both participating and judging, we will encourage you to sign up to be a Model first, as without contestants, we have no contest. However, if you wish, you can sign up for both.

    ***Any PMs without *all* of the necessary information will be ignored and the person(s) will not notified.

    *Note: It may seem like a lot to do just to sign up for an event, but it requires regular dedication from all members involved. If one has the motivation to follow the steps, it boosts the confidence that one would continue to do so once the competitions starts.


    If you have any questions, feel free to ask in this thread. If you want to reach someone privately, do not hesitate to send a pm to Klope62 or Kjgmusic.

    The beautiful header is made by Ecto. ;D

    If you wish to sign up, do not hesitate! Don't get discouraged by anything, and just go for it! :D
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    May 31, 09 10:25pm

    Do you think you have what it takes to be apart of yet another exciting season?

    If so, review the thread here, and then;

    1. Make sure you have read all the rules, this is very important.
    2. Make or locate a 50x50 image to represent yourself in the game. This image can be of anyone, or anything as long as it is not obscene. This image will follow you throughout the course of the competition and will be used as your place-matt image. You can go here if you have no resource to resize images.
    3. Explain to staff why this season of Big Brother must include you.
    4. Send it all in a PM to Me.

    *Applications not following any of steps will be ignored. You will not be notified if this happens.

    If you have any additional questions feel free to PM or IM me. :D

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    May 27, 09 7:48pm

    Well, it is almost that time again for another exciting season experimental forum social experiment known as Big Brother Neoseeker. We have some exiting plans in store this season, and you never know, *you* may just be the one to come out on top this time! Anything can happen.

    Sign-ups are currently scheduled to start pending the end of the elections, in the mean time, the season is being planned, finalized, and coordinated for your enjoyment.

    Ported from: here.

    What Is It?

    Big Brother Neoseeker is based on the popular US Reality TV series, Big Brother. The goal of Big Brother is simple: Take a large group of diverse people, and put them in a house together until only one single challenger is left standing. The power is in the hands of the houseguests themselves; fates are decided by challenges, and votes from other members in the household.

    Big Brother Neoseeker takes this phenomena and translates it into the online forum setting. Physical activity aside, this social experience can be just as daunting and strenuous as the real thing. What would get you far is your ability to find a balance between maintaining social relationships while being a fierce competitor.

    Previous finalist include Fusion, Estuve, and of course the winners; vanillagigglez and VulcanRaven.

    If you believe you possess the ability to come out on top, be sure to read the rules and then refer to the Sign Up section for further details. For a clear example of how this game works, check out the past season threads. Season 1 and Season 2.

    How To Play

    This game takes place in "rounds" (sometimes referred to as weeks). At the beginning of a round, there is a competition to determine who wins the title of Head of Household. The person who wins Head of Household(HoH), is immune from being voted out during the round. The goal of HOH, however, is to nominate two people for eviction. Following nomination, there is the Veto competition. In the Veto Competition, the HoH, the two nominees, and an small array of selected houstguests compete for the Power of Veto. The winner of the Power of Veto (POV) has the option to save one of the people up for eviction by the HOH, or, the ability keep the nominees the same. At the end of the round, members of the house will vote for one of the people up for eviction, and the person with the most votes will be forced to leave the game. This process continues each round until only two people remain. Then the Jury (the last 5 contestants eliminated) vote for the winner of the game.

    quote How To Play
    HOH Competition -> Nomination Ceremony -> Veto Competition -> Veto Ceremony -> Eviction Ceremony - > Eviction


    This season of Big Brother will be the most cut-throat yet. This season, you must be prepared to make tough decisions on the notice of a whelm. Big Brother will be relentless, and will be expecting you to be too.

    This season, enjoy your stay, but Don't Get Too Comfortable.

    • Being active is a must! There are multiple challenges each round, so please only sign up if you are 100% sure you can commit to participating in multiple challenges each week. Most actions will take place in 24 hour intervals. 24 hours is the maximum amount of time that will be alloted for most deadlines, the exact pace, however will determined by the houseguests. If you do not think you will have time at least once a day to participate, do not sign up.
    • Failure to compete in a HOH challenge results in automatic nomination. This will be held throughout the season. Remember, activity is a must in this game!
    • Diaries (personal insight into the game; featuring out-of-thread discussion, thoughts, issues) will be due during each nomination ceremony. Without a diary, a vote is void, and a penalty (which ranges relative to tasks at hand) will be enforced during the next HOH round. Diaries will be posted for everyone to read at the very end of the season when the new winner is crowned. Keep that in mind when you are writing them. Diaries do not have a set text limit, but the better, more in depth they are written, the more enjoyable they will be for everyone else at the end of the season. Big Brother also really appreciates good diary entries, and is more willing to re-cast contestants with them.
    • Alliances and personal relationships are encouraged. Speaking through pm, instant messages, or communicating, however, wherever else is encouraged and accepted.
    • There are no limits on help in this game. If you ever feel yourself stuck in a challenge, it is encourage to use your sources. Neoseeker and the internet have an array of topics and available help. Feel free to take advantage of whatever you have at your disposal. If you have help, use it.
    • Manipulation is part of the game. Backstabbing, lying, and other tactics *may* be necessary to win. However, at most, you must remember that it is *only* a game.
    • This will not be exactly like Big Brother the television program. There are many international versions of the show as well, and this game is based on the US version. However, as this is the internet and not real life, of course there will be differences.
    • When signups are opened, in your PM to me, please add the 'oops' smilie in it. All PMs which do not include the 'oops' smilie will be ignored. This rule is in place mostly to make sure that everyone has read the rules. ;)
    • Have fun, and remember, enjoy your stay, but Don't Get Too Comfortable.




    If you have any questions about the game, feel free to ask in this thread. If you want to reach someone privately, do not hesitate to send a pm to Me.

    The game will still be talking place in Loungin'.

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    Dec 27, 08 2:43am


    I'm not a blogger, but apparently I have no problem going on cam and having full conversations with the random people that pop in.

    I've been helping out a fellow on there for a few months, but only recently have I started my own shows. It's quite a good time though. I've told some stories, played some Uno, cooked, and cut my hair for an audience.

    The people that come in are fascinating. They're split into a few groups; random spammers and flamers, horny teenagers (male and female), and normals you can actually hold conversations(;p).

    I..don't know. Haha, but, I think I'm going to keep with it for awhile (at least until my first successful casting call =D)...

    OH, also, I was randomly featured the other day:

    ^I lol'd, because of my stats compared to the other's there.

    Edit: Double OH, forgot to link:


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    Nov 29, 08 9:23pm

    As we all should remember, the Neoseeker Elections were a love child of Ryancola.

    Upon looking at it, The Modeling Competition was coming swiftly to an end, and of course, two of my favorite people at the time (Kjgmusic and Shane <3) having parties, I knew it was something I wanted to participate in. I sent a PM to Ryancola and then just sat back and watched.

    When the candidates were announced, I was happy to see that I was indeed selected (though I wanted to be in Shane party :P). Also, this;

    ·Me: "I'm a KJG and I love music. If you love music, vote for my party.".
    ·Me: Go go go go!
    Kjgmusic: Link


    And it was also then when I discovered;

    ·Me: Dude
    ·Me: "Vote 4 Klope" so rhymes
    Kjgmusic: o...o.... :D
    Kjgmusic: gold.
    ·Me: YES!

    And that was only the beginning, I was in for smooth sailing...until I took a moment and noticed who all I was running against.

    Rome, Snowfox, and ZL, some of the more overall popular of the candidates, all current and past moderator experience, and an influx of pre-supporters.

    I knew in order to have an actual chance, I would have to withdraw a bit. Instead of causing a ruckus, or complaining about how the odds were against me, or going into their 'territories", I stuck to my own. I built as big as a core database as I could...with what I had, I asked via AIM and MSN, most of my good friends from Neoseeker for secure votes. I also bugged a good number of people IRC to try to capture them early. It was an all "behind the scenes" operation. The only thing I put forth in public was my banner. Which was really simple;

    But enough, I felt, to be charming and to at least implant a small seed in anyone who came by it. Now, of course, there was also the problem that I wasn't a really bigger poster, and still aren't. Luckly though, there was a certain DS game ( :shifty: ) that I began to play, loved, had questions about, and was surprised to see there was an active forum for. I mainly stayed in there, general DS, Loungin'. I posted as much as I could, even knowing then it wouldn't be enough. I was still waiting...

    Aya's Party quickly ran through, everyone thought it would be the most exciting of the bunch due to the e-drama and commotion that quickly spawned off it it, and while it seemed quite explosive, it was nothing yet...

    A winner had been declared, and Minirizzle ran away with the prize. I knew then, it was time for me to start making strike.

    Late at night, after everyone settled in Mini's victory, I made my first post which would continue to lead to a chain reaction;


    I started with that, and then begin to attempt to pick up on anyone in the thread who seemed plausible. I was quickly criticized, but I kept with the same consistent message, Klope was an underdog. And indeed, I was.

    I still was picking for voters in all the ways I could, in fact, someone posted a negative cartoon after asking for their vote in the thread, in which I edited it and this came out as a result;

    After that, he said he was a Klope supporter. Which put a smile on my face. I just continued pushing through, and I actually started to make a stance and an impact. I picked up a lot of the undecided voters, while also even being able to convert others. It felt really great...but of course I couldn't stay on top of my parade for long.

    Quickly after a lot of "I'm voting for Klope!"'s started to appear, so the negative criticism from the ones I were running against. It honestly did take me by surprise at first, but I was ready to deal with it.

    I felt I stood my own to just about every argument that was thrown at me. And at other arguments that didn't concern me, I stayed brightly out of. I just kept with my message, "Vote 4 Klope!".

    Things still seemed to be going relatively good until the last hours of voting. The 'gang up' occurred again, and I was on my own this time. This time it felt much more weird, as it seemed to get more and more personal, and honestly started to take a draining toll. Even then, and once again, I felt I was able to hold my own, and above all, I had fun before the 'srs bzn' stuff kicked in.

    Results finally came to a close, so all we had to do then was wait anxiously for results. I wasn't confident, but I felt good enough for what I did, and how I handled all of the situations that were thrown at me. After awhile, Ryancola came in with the results.

    I lost.

    Lol, only by 9 votes. It was a little disheartening, but honestly I was still proud of myself. To come from behind and then just be 10 votes, out of 200, from victory, to the one who was evident to have the most support behind him.

    It was all good in the end though, I let all the had feelings I had behind dissipate, and at the end of the day, I knew this would all pay off in some way. Also, the Kjgmusic party pwned, and I am sure we entertained everyone who was following. :D

    Here are the quotes I found major, important, and funny throughout my review of the thread (warning, alot), they are very good reads;

    quote ...
    Sorry klope, all posts are reserved for §:08 in the name of graphics and markup.
    You understand. You wouldn't want to be the Ralph Nader to our Al Gore and put Rome George Bush in power now, do you? :(
    quote Klope62
    To be honest, as an underdog I deserve a fair chance! I am speaking for our average members here, I do not have a prior foundation to bounce back on at all, but even then I shall not give up! I believe in these people here too greatly, the odds are against me, but you know what? Forget the odds! I am going to have a little faith.

    quote Klope62
    As I stated then, you guys are the forces that are keeping me to push. I know the odds are not in my favor, but forget the odds. I will keep trying until it is over. I still have my faith in the people of Neoseeker, and that is one thing you can never squash.

    quote ...
    I don't think anyone would feel fine with voting for a man whose vice president finds pleasure in cock slapping everyone he meets. That simply isn't appropriate behavior. Also, Klope may be part of the normal member majority, but who wants an average joe running their country? Rome is a man with integrity, strength, and a sense of justice, and his excellent moderator experience display the great leader he would be for Neoseeker. Don't vote for Klope62, and "No" for Jes, citizens! Rome should have your vote.
    quote Klope62
    Maybe your argument would be suffice if you did not ignore the blatant fact that every cockslap delivered by Jespomo has been openly asked for. It is simply a civil service.

    Also, you seem to misunderstand. I am not your "average joe" by any means. I am representing the average member in the prospect that I am doing this campaign *not* on a high pedestal. I am staying humble, because I know I really have to work hard to have a voice. So, even though I do not have a moderator tag underneath my name, it does not mean that I lack any of the skills or qualities that it takes to be this party's nominee. That is a fact.

    quote Klope62
    I will not down talk your success here on the site, it is quite obvious that you have had some. However, it is time for something different. You hold that typical mold here, and I think we deserve something new. A moderator tag does not make the world go around.

    quote Klope62
    In simple terms Jespomo, it just lacks flow. He used too many syllables in an attempt to make it fill-able. All the while he failed and yelled in an empty premise. Just put him out of his misery, you see, he just phails in comparison to me..

    Send Rome Home. Vote 4 Klope.
    quote ...
    So basically, because Klope didn't like my rhyme, he's better? Right, it's amazing that that's your last-minute campaign plan, rhyming. "Send Rome home!" Ha, Neoseeker is my home. At the top or the bottom, I belong.

    quote Klope62
    Bottom line, Rome.

    "A vote for Klope, is a vote for hope".

    quote ...
    I was right, Klope was just waiting in the dark to make his strike. Hmmm...

    quote ...
    And Klope didn't muster up enough concentration to send back the questionnaire. Shucks.
    Where's the dedication, really?

    quote ...
    I don't understand why everyone is voting for Klope, do you guys not understand that he's not taking any of this seriously? I mean, just look at his past posts. Reminds me of Dom.

    [quoted someone else]

    It wasn't meant to be taken seriously, calm down. =P

    quote ...
    I'm gay, brown skinned and a teenage male. I tick three key demographic boxes and I'm voting for Klope. He truly is the best choice. And he's black, so he's got to be cool.

    quote ...
    I'll agree with Snowfox and ZL, waiting to appease voters at the last minute isn't exactly a good candidate. If the voters are important to you, then why are you waiting to gather support now?

    quote ...
    And you think that none of us have a life? I'm sure most of us are busy with our own lives, but we at least spent a few minutes/hours to post in this thread and give the people our views towards our ideas. Your precious Klope has yet to do that.

    I got a rhyme for you,

    "Don't vote for Klope,
    cuz he's a joke!"


    quote Klope62
    I find it funny that all you three, mind you, who were all so sure of your positions not so long ago are now ganging up against me.

    Who is to say that I have not been campaigning before? I believe I made my current banner the exact day that it was announce that I was a candidate. Perhaps it is that you do not all understand the reason behind my nature. I am a lurker, it is evident by the ratio of posts I have, to my join date and log in rate. That does not mean that I care any less or more than you do. I have been a member of Neoseeker for years, and I have been networking ever since. I have respected the others during the time of their primaries, giving them the chance to campaign, and debate. Now that it is my turn, I am going all out. If you do not like it? Tough. I am in this until the end.

    quote ...
    Umm, Klope, you didn't answer all the questions, and it's late.

    Our problem, Klope, is that you didn't make a campaign until the very last minute. Frankly, we're just not impressed by the lack of effort.
    quote Klope
    I do not think it is my duty to impress you. Only the voters. I did not answer the questions, such as "what will you do about the gas crisis", because I feel that has no real reflection upon what this is.

    Effort is also a relative word, with no bases of a forum to fall back on, I have been doing most of my campaigning in #Neoseeker and my various IM mediums. Just because you yourself have not been seeing it, does not mean it has not been occurring.

    quote ...
    I am too sure about my position, just felt like stating out some of your flaws. Although I do like the idea of being a lurker and actually wanted to do that in the first place, I decided to go against it because I wanted to let people know that I actually cared about this and that I would be willing to put some of my personal time towards the thing. Not till the last minute.
    quote Klope62
    Finally, a good argument.

    You see though, think of it as a race. You can say I have not been putting effort all you want, but I have. Maybe in a different way than you all, but I have. If this was a foot race, I started off slow, jogging, picking up my pace little by little. I saved up all my energy for one last big sprint.

    Guess what, this is it.

    quote Klope62
    Also, I am not an "it". I am sure I am a human being, refer to me as a "he", my screen name, or my proper name. Do not be so rude.

    Vote 4 Klope.

    quote Klope62
    What will your first act as president be?

    No playing around, if I am elected, my first action will easily be accepting my Neoseeker T-Shirt. That is the barrel-bottom truth. :P

    quote ...
    Klope and I have both been here a long time, but I've been here longer, have been more active, and have more to show for it. Klope's a great guy, a good poster, and has put his contributions forth in a number of Neo-related competitions, organizations, what have you. Still, in the end, he remains in the background.
    He's the underdog here because he prefers it that way. It's not a leadership quality, but it's a quality, and, just as things are today, if I made it through this, I'd go to him for valuable discussion and friendly advice in a heartbeat. That's where he excels. He is the whisper in the ear, not the man at the podium.
    quote Klope62
    What you may perceive as a "whisper", I perceive more like the wind. It is dynamical force that may not always make a sound, but it is always there watching, waiting. It makes the world go round, literally and figuratively, and while it might not get all the credit it deserves...when it needs to strike, it does, and it does so with tremendous pressure and amplitude.

    quote ...
    Vote! Vote! Vote 4 Klope!

    quote ...
    Whoops, your arrogance is showing.

    quote Klope62
    (after Typo-ing a username) Yes, "spance" is an odd inside-complement I use between me and my friends, and since your user name was so close..y'know, I could not resist. :D

    quote Klope62
    How about instead of attempting to encourage people *not* to vote for me, focus on getting them to vote for Rome? It is a thought. :)

    quote ...
    quote someone
    Blah Blah Blah

    Vote 4 Klope!
    Klope's campaign, folks?

    quote ...
    I'm extremely disappointed with Snowfox's and Synik's behaviour, and I'm aware of Klope's history (and the continual in-your-face, relentless, repetitive propaganda is a huge turn-off). I have nothing against ZL, but then, I don't know him either. I don't know if we have similar opinions, or if he'd make sensible (hypothetical) decisions.
    quote Klope62
    "I'm aware of Klope's history"

    ...What in the heck is that supposed to mean? :laugh:

    [NAME], beyond the fact that your posted reasoning for voting for Rome is absolute and evidential bias, it was clear that you did not approach this with an opened mind at all. You have personally gone after each candidate of this primary, "calling them out", and/or posting things about them in a negative connotation. That is, every candidate except Rome. This is the main reason why your words are being held in very little light.

    quote ...
    Even if you don't win, you have earned my respect. I don't think I would have even known who you were if not for this election.

    quote ...
    Rome--- 72 votes (36%)

    Klope--- 63 votes (32%)

    Snowfox--- 48 votes (24%)

    ZL--- 17 votes (8%)

    quote ...
    Congrats Rome, but I'd have to give the biggest congrats to Klope since he was practically a nobody before this all started(reason why I left his campaign in the beginning, didn't think he stood a chance). But man, he campaigned his ass off here and really got himself heard. So good job Gabe.

    quote ...
    For those you who posted later, once again, thanks for your support and votes. Spance you, really. =D

    And good look candidates and those of you already in the finals. :D

    quote ...
    I'm sorry, Klope, for challenging and defying the power that is the last minute underdog. Never again shall I underestimate it.


    quote ZL
    Rome should be glad that me and Klope didn't pull our Secret Weapon. :sonic:


    quote ...
    The true hero of this story is Klope. Rags to riches, built himself in one day, Rome indeed ;).

    quote ...
    Klope was the underdog man. And then he kicked so much ass. IT'S LIKE IN THE FILM ROCKY BALBOA. Sure, he lost, but he put up a hell of a *bleep*ing fight. :sonic:

    Haha, as said, all and all, it was a great experience. Some of the most fun I've ever had on Neoseeker...but also some of the worse feelings I've felt across the e-.

    One again though, at the end of the day...I enjoyed myself, and mad a TON of new friends in the process (all of my running mates included ;p)

    ZL and I had a plan though, it was evident that he was getting the short end of the stick. We were pondering what would happen if somehow we merged together...and put our votes together. Of course, we ended up not doing it, but it was all gravy.

    Also, I somehow became Xenc's running mate as a result of a joke. Haha, I didn't try at all to campaign for it. My energy was already sucked out, and I wasn't entirely serious about the VP job, so I kind of just let it slide and go. It was funny though, because I saw a lot of "haha, Klope loses again posts".

    It was a great experience, but I don't think I would even really consider doing it again.


    Up Next: TWENY and a Big Brother

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    Klope62 blogged
    Nov 28, 08 3:12am

    I guess I'll start this year recap of events out with the Neoseeker Modeling Competition, while I wouldn't consider it the biggest, it was technically the first event that started to this chain.

    Around the end Summer '07, in IRC, All Knowing was trying to think of a way to get some excitement and activity to the relatively new clothes and fashion forum. I approached him with an idea and we talked about it for awhile. After he understand what I was saying in general...that was it. I left him to arrange and organize, only with intent to participate.

    Unfortunately, it failed. Lots of people said they were going to participate and pictures in, but very few people actually did. The judging situation was messy and confusing, and we never got a great load of people. So, at the end of things, it was rendered a little useless. All Knowing then decided to 'detach' himself from experiment and it seemed like that was the end of it. I was a little dismayed but I honestly didn't think too much about it after awhile.

    In January '08, Lazzara decided to attempt to revive it. This time I took a different stance and approach. Starting with this post, I wasn't going let it turn out to be exactly that same as it did prior. I fought hard to prove a few points. After about 3 months of deliberating, arguing, and planning, we finally got something underway. It was hard to get everyone's mind changed and develop something that could maybe work, but it happened.

    I functioned as an organizer at the beginning, but once again became a participant instead. I figured more people were going to be needed for that, and since the foundation was already formed, it would be fine. And at the end of the day, it did. I enjoyed it well enough, and came away with a few new friends. Everyone knows I was robbed though, of course. (Neo :o)


    Tomorrow; The Epic Elections.

    <3 Raz!

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    Klope62 blogged
    Nov 27, 08 7:35am

    So, I'll try it out with the new this launching.

    In general, 08' has been a pretty big year for the Klopez. I really have to blame the beginning of it on the Neoseeker Election. No one saw it coming (muwahahaha). It was seriously a great, but also dreadful start to an exciting year. ;o

    I almost can't believe it's almost over. In fact, that's what I should do...A summary of the year, yay.


    ...Also, Big Brother Neoseeker, double yay.

    And Kat (Nightmare) says; "KLOPEY IS AWESUM. <('.' <)"

    Hi bye.

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