Gigstead05 Klonoas_Gurl
Mar 22, 07 3:43am
Hey i recently bought pokemon puzzler league for nintendo 64... and i want to play 2 player so i go to 2 player stadium then to Vs and then when me and my friend pick our guys and stuff its all fine then we go to start the game and as soon as it starts the computer automatically takes over for player 2 and we cant play... I dont know what 2 do and i was wondering if you could help!! Please Help
Thanks Alot T
Zatch Girl Klonoas_Gurl
Jun 15, 05 5:16am
The first sign for you!Wow!You just joined!You like Klonoa?So do I!You seem interesting and funny!Maby we could be neofriends!I also reasure you your gona love it here!See ya!

~Zatch Girl~