Looking for other 5 iv good nature pokemons :D PM ME IF ANYONE INTRESTED Admant gible rough skin outrage 31/

post me your fc and if its possible tell me your type :D MY fc code is 4270-0323-020

can anyone tell me my safari type and three pokemon?? my fc code is 4270-0323-0207 post me your fc code Thanks alot

hello im LOOKING FOR POWER ITEMS in gen 6. per 3 of power items( Maininy looking for power lens, power anklet, power brac

i am looking for adamant or jolly nature gible with decent iv that knows egg move outrage in Pokemon X i can offer any s

So that Injustice: Gods Among Us Batgirl rumor turned out to be true, to no one's surprise. On the first Friday...


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