Hey Kitty, you're awesome. xD

That's why I'm going to sign your guestbook.

I need to make a stamp


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Thanks for signing my guestbook, sis. 8D

I'll stamp you back, kay? Kay. Enjoy your little stamp. 8D


Hi! You might've seen me around BB_Brona's story "Teenage Crisis".
I love your snacks! LOL.
Can we become Neofriends?
LOL this is a peace-offering.
Stay cool!
I love cats too! I have a cat! His name is Zep (don't ask.)

Love your neohome!!!

Its soooo cool!!!


hi hope you have a very good day and enjoy yourself
Hey I will stamp your Guestbook 'cause you signed mine.

Don't leave neo.

i will miss you, bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye byebeh bye bey byr byr byrb ry omg i hats=e the rule of 100 letters
I've been at holiday this whole time and I just got your PM, you seem like a very nice person so I'm going to go ahead and sign your guestbook.

BY the way if you are leaving neo then please don't, your a great person and you would make a lot of people sad.
First kaylee now you. WHATS WRONG WITH THE WORLD!!!!!!!!

I might even be next =(

Well you pm me whenever your on

I love kitty to

Well bye bye Kitty.
It slightly irritates me that you stole my quote and stuff but whateves,
Your my neosis and I'll miss you.
Umm... Don't know what to say...
Could you PM me how to put a stamp on?
Or is it the same as putting a image on?